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Better scaling of read-only workloads

The problem and its cause

There have been several complaints over the years about InnoDB’s inability to scale beyond 256 connections. One of the main issues behind this scalability bottleneck was the read view creation that is required for MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control) to work. When the user starts a transaction this is what InnoDB does under the hood:

  • Create or reuse a transaction instance – usually it is reused, the transactions are reused from a pool (trx_sys_t::mysql_trx_list).
  • Initialize the transaction start time and assign a rollback segment
  • Append the transaction to an active  transaction list ordered on trx_t::id in descending order

The append to  the trx_sys_t::trx_list and corresponding remove during commit is covered by trx_sys_t::mutex. After the transaction is “started” and if the transaction has an isolation greater …

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