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Accidental DBA’s Guide to MySQL Management

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So you’ve been tasked with managing the MySQL databases in your environment, but you’re not sure where to start.  Here’s the quick & dirty guide. Oh yeah, and for those who love our stuff, take a look to your right. See that subscribe button? Grab our newsletter!

1. Installation

The “yum” tool is your friend.  If you’re using debian, you’ll use apt-get but it’s very similar. You can do a “yum list” to see what packages are available. We prefer to use the Percona distribution of MySQL.  It’s fully compatible with stock MySQL distribution, but usually a bit ahead in terms of tweak and fixes.  Also if …

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Percona Live is now over!

And this was a great event! I'm at Heathrow catching a severely delayed flight back home to Stockholm now. Before I board the flight, I just letting you know that my slides will be on-line in a very short time.

It was great to meet you all there, and Percona does a great job of organizing these conferences and keeping the eco-system alive and kicking!

Thanx Peter Z and the whole Percona crew!

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