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How to Repair MySQL Table using phpMyAdmin?

MySQL is a relational database and uses table to store the data. Table has column and row to store records. An Individual column must be created to store each type of data like employee name, employee code, employee address, age, sex, and many more. On the other side row contains the actual value that specified with the column of table.
Example: Lets consider an example, we have created an employee details table. Employee details table has five columns employee name, employee code, employee address, employee age, and employee sex. We can insert values into the employee details table through the insert query.
We have inserted John, s0300, New Jersey, 28, and M. Wherein
John= Employee names0300=Employee codeNew Jersey=Employee adress28=Employee ageM=Employee Sex.
Corruption in Employee Details Table: Corruption in the above table can happen due to severely reasons like operating system failure, power failure, …

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Perl Script for Analyze – Optimize – Repair Mysql Databases

The perl script is mainly created to avoid manual Mysql Server Maintenance. The script uses Perl module DBI. You need to provide access credentials and database name(optional). Regarding Analyse, Optimize and Repair you may ofcourse refer OPTIMIZE TABLE should be used if you have deleted a large part of a table or if you […]

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