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Compaction stalls: something to make better in RocksDB

In previous results that I shared for the insert benchmark it was obvious that MyRocks throughput is steady when the workload transitions from in-memory to IO-bound. The reason is that non-unique secondary index maintenance is read-free for MyRocks so there are no stalls for storage reads of secondary index pages. Even with the change buffer, InnoDB eventually is slowed by storage reads and by page writeback.

It was less obvious that MyRocks has more variance on both the in-memory and IO-bound insert benchmark tests. I try to be fair when explaining storage engine performance so I provide a few more details here and results for InnoDB in MySQL 5.7.10 & 5.6.26 along with MyRocks from our fork of MySQL 5.6. The binlog was enabled for all tests, fsync-on-commit was disabled and 16 clients inserted 500m or 2b rows into …

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451 CAOS Links 2011.07.29

Open Cloud Initiative launches. HP joins OpenStack. Oracle releases Java 7. And more.

# The Open Cloud Initiative launched to drive open standards in cloud computing.

# HP announced its support for OpenStack.

# Oracle announced the availability of Java SE 7. The Apache Software Foundation warned of index corruption and crashes in Apache Lucene and Solr.

# Nebula …

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