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Hack MySQL is longer maintained

I have decided to “officially” retire Hack MySQL, which is to say that the web site (pages, tools, etc.) will no longer be maintained. The MySQL universe has changed significantly since 2004 when I began writing tools. Similarly, my professional and personal lives have changed, too. I don’t think Hack MySQL is needed or relevant any longer, and I certainly do not have the time to maintain it.

The web site will remain online for perhaps another year (since Media Temple has always provided free hosting for this site–thanks!), then I will remove it or archive it somewhere else.

For further MySQL resources, see Planet MySQL. That aggregate is, imho, the pulse of the MySQL community.

Work continues

Believe it or not, I have not abandoned Hack MySQL. I’ve just been totally consumed with Maatkit or life. Slowly and surely, I’m re-structuring Hack MySQL. I have “plans”; it’s just a matter of finding time to see them through to fruition. Until then, the site is in disarray for a little while longer. undergoing changes

The website is undergoing changes. Stuff may disappear and/or be relocated at random.

Certain links moved or removed

I’ve made slight changes to the site should it interest anyone. The link to mysqlsniffer has been removed (though the page is still there). The links to Optimize and Intricacies have been consolidated into Documents. And the Feedback link is now Contact. Tragically exciting. returns to normal

The hiatus is over; I am reasonably settled at my new home. Therefore, is back to normal operation.

Parlez-vous le français? Je peux parler le français mais pas bien. Si vous voulez, on peut essayer à parler en français. Merci de votre patience. hiatus: July, August, September

I am moving halfway across the world. Therefore, for the remainder of July and all of August and September will not be actively maintained. This means no updates to scripts or articles and very limited response to feedback.

Site interruptions this weekend is moving to (mt) Media Temple this weekend. Because of Memorial Day, I suspect that site traffic will be really low, so perhaps no one will even notice. host change

I doubt that anyone will notice, but I thought it would be at least polite to mention that is moving to a new host. Therefore, some time this week the site may be inaccessible.

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