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Microsoft revenues decline

It's interesting that just as Apple announced surprisingly positive quarterly results, Microsoft announced their first decline in sales revenues in 23 years.  While Microsoft is not in any kind

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MySQL Workbench 5.1.10 beta2 Available

We have finally uploaded the next beta packages of our upcoming database design tool. We have fixed several bugs and added some enhancements that to the Interface. There’s a new editor for defining/maintaining User Defined Datatypes.

There are binary-packages for Windows, Mac OS X Leopard and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora) as well as the zipped sources for building Workbench yourself. If you experience problems please let us know by filing bugs at or contact us directly on via irc-client on channel #workbench.
Thank you all for your feedback and contribution. Fetch the new packages at our main download page and give it another try.

Join the MySQL Workbench Team!

If you are a Mac developer, interested in a new professional challenge and like what we have done with MySQL Workbench so far, please consider applying for our open position in the Workbench team.We are looking for an Objective-C / UI coding wunderkind who is also not easily scared by C++.

You can be located anywhere around the world, only hard requirements are that you are comfortable with working from home, have a decent internet connection and are not too far from an airport.We would be happy to have you on the team.

More details about the job below. To speed up the hire process please send your CV to We are preferring people with open source background so please do not forget to include links to your open source work.

Job Summary:

Sun Microsystems is looking for a strong Mac UI developer with in-depth knowledge of Objective-C, C++, X-Code and the …

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MySQL Workbench on Mac OS X

MySQL Workbench Mac support has been requested from our community for a very long time. We got several emails and comments on the web and IRC channel that Workbench is the only tool why a lot of people are still running a VMware Fusion or Parallels session with Windows.

Therefore we are very happy about the recent release of WB 5.1 Beta1 which is the first release that is available on our three main platforms, Windows, Mac & Linux.

Those who have been giving MySQL Workbench 5.1 Beta1 on Mac OS X a try may have noticed the huge speed gain, compared to the Windows version, especially when working with bigger models. We even got complaints why we have “slowed down” the Windows version but this is simply due to the GUI hardware acceleration support available on the Mac, as well as on Linux systems.

So for the moment (until we finally get to re-enable full OpenGL support) using the Mac version is the new benchmark of …

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MySQL Workbench 5.1 OSS Goes Beta

We are proud to announce the release of the first official Beta of MySQL Workbench 5.1, the next highly anticipated version of our database GUI tool - MySQL Workbench. For the first time we are making an announcement for all our major platforms at the same time: OSX, Linux and Windows.

MySQL Workbench 5.1 has some major improvement over our current 5.0 release, many of them might not be that visible when looking at the UI only. We did a major overhaul under the hood in addition to enhance usability and adding some features. On top of it, we moved some features to 5.1 OSS, that were only available in SE edition for 5.0 (like different notation styles i.e.). The editors have been tuned to startup more quickly, and some of them also got face lifted. All Wizards have been revamped using our new mForms library.

Please keep in mind that this is the first beta release of MySQL Workbench 5.1, and it’s not supposed to …

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MySQL Workbench Pre-Beta Hackfest - Bring It On!

Following our plan to release the MySQL Workbench 5.1 Beta1 later this week we have uploaded a last Alpha build for Ubuntu and the Mac for you to check for serious issues. The following binaries will not be published on our official download site but are only available trought the following links.

Please join us in our #workbench IRC channel on freenode to discuss issues or simply leave a comment here.

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MySQL Workbench 5.1.7 Alpha For Linux And OS X Available

Last week we had a team meeting, where we could discuss and plan various issues and ideas for current and upcoming versions of our project.

But finally it’s time to publish new material to show what we were up to in the past weeks. We have our first dual-platform-release of the MySQL Workbench 5.1.7 alpha version.

Please note, that in terms of UI linux- and OSX- version aren’t yet on the same level of completeness. While we are nearly done having all features onboard for the linux-build, we still have some more checkmarks to fill on the osx checklist - but we are catching up. Nevertheless it’s the same codebase - especially the backend-code is the same for all platforms.

Some of you might be missing a release - 5.1.6 for Linux. No, you didn’t miss an announcement: For the purpose of unifying the releases for Linux and mac we simply didn’t publish 5.1.6 last week. It was considered an internal release only and now …

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Mac users: MAMP now recommended, not XAMPP

Dear Mac users,

There have been a number of issues with configuring XAMP on the Mac for use with NetBeans IDE, most significantly that XAMP sets the owners of MySQL databases to "nobody", blocking Apache access. Therefore I have changed the Mac OS setup tutorial to use MAMP instead of XAMP. In my opinion, the MAMP setup is more straightforward than the one for XAMP, anyway.

How To – Access Files on Windows from Mac OS X

Background Knowledge

With the use of Samba we are able to share files through a local network and make it appear as if the files are on the Mac OS X locally. The instructions below will step you through step by step on how to access files from the Mac OS X to a Windows XP/Vista™ system through the network.

NOTE: Instructions to unblock network traffic through a software/hardware firewall are not provided. Refer to your software/network manual or support web site for details.

NOTE: These instructions will not allow for sharing via the Internet.


Setting up a file share in Windows XP

  1. Open Windows Explorer/My Computer (press Windows Key+E) or go to the Windows Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer.
  2. Browse to a folder you wish to share and right mouse click on it and left mouse click on “Properties”. …
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MySQL Workbench 5.1 1st Alpha for Mac OS Available

Our Mac Developers have done an outstanding job in catching up with the Mac frontend. We have worked hard in the last days to get a little Christmas present out for all people waiting for a Mac Version of our Database Tool.
It’s a 1st alpha version, so don’t expect a full blown design application already - and the binary is Intel only this time (hey, it’s only Christmas folks ;).  But what we deliver is a working UI where you can load/save existing Workbench-documents and create diagrams from imported SQL-scripts. The canvas and the GRT system is up and running and there’s a shell which enables messing with the objects on GRT level. There are no object editors yet (so you can’t create and edit objects, but still build your diagrams for your existing SQL CREATE scripts) and wizards for exporting scripts, and connecting to databases are also missing. But enough writing, grab the .dmg package from our server and give it a try to get …

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