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MySQL Users on Frappr!

Frappr is an interesting way of showing the geographic locations of people that share a common interest. It's based on Google Maps and of course there is MySQL Users Group, too!

Back home...

Last night I returned home from our internal MySQL Developer Meeting in Sorrento, Italy. The trip again was uneventful (something I certainly don't mind) and I used it to catch up with email and other work that I could not take care of while being at the conference.

The event was very well organized (kudos to Carol and the rest of the team!) and I enjoyed meeting old and new colleagues. It was nice being able to discuss stuff from face to face and hearing about what's cooking at the various other parts of the company in more detail. Too bad that we sometimes had so many tracks in parallel - it was difficult at times to decide which session to attend without fearing to miss something else. I gave a presentation about SUSE Linux (why it's the best Linux distro to use) and how our developers can help to foster our user community.

On Monday evening, we arranged a small meeting with local community users, some of them …

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Thanks for a great first Hamburg MySQL User Group Meeting!

The first Hamburg MySQL User Group meeting was held yesterday evening. It took place at 19:00 in a chinese restaurant named Ni Hao - they had a separate room for us that also provided a video projector. The location was suggested by Jens Bollmann, thanks a lot for the hint! We had a pretty good lineup from the MySQL side: Jens Bollmann (Consulting), Jan Kneschke (MySQL Network Development), Kai Voigt (Training/Consulting), Ulf Wendel (MaxDB) and myself (Community) were present. We had a total of 35 people attending.

I started the meeting with introducing myself and the community relations team and giving a short presentation about MySQL (the company - some facts and figures). I then asked everbody to shortly introduce himself to the …

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Reminder: Hamburg MySQL User Group Meeting next Monday!

This is just remind you that the first Hamburg MySQL User Group meeting will take place on Monday, 6th of March, 19:00. For more details please see my initial announcement and join our mailing list!

Currently, we have about 30 people that will attend. I will give a short general presentation about MySQL (the company), later Kai will give a presentation on MySQL Cluster.

If you'd like to join us, please register via or OpenBC. Looking forward to meeting you!

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