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Famous on

MySQL AB :: MySQL: The World’s Most Popular Open Source Database

The cool thing is I wasn’t the one who noticed it. A holler goes out to Timmeah!

Interesting SSL with Australian System Administrator?s Conference 2006

The Australian System Administrator’s Conference 2006
It’s interesting that the online registration doesn’t have an SSL certificate that matches. I now have to find a printer to produce dead tree to mail.

Considering that I don’t actually own a printer, this is getting interesting…

P.S. come to my tutorial on MySQL Cluster!

Welcome to the USA

Today my TV told me to be scared, I had a good (late) sandwich for lunch. Some nice local beer (no big brewery), a salad and the most scary looking pasta for dinner. Also hung with people. Now sleep.

Beat on ?state of the dolphin? (or: Why Software is never really ready until a .20 release)

Beat Vontobel blogs about “fuþark: The silence of futhark and the state of the dolphin” which is basically about how he’s found that the 5.0.20 release of MySQL is when the 5.0 release is really starting to shine.

This confirms my theory (that I’ve had for quite a while now… like years) that a software release is never really mature until it hits about .20 (that’s dot twenty, not dot two).

When something reaches .10 (dot ten) it’s no longer going to be annoying for most uses, but .20 means that you’re going to be happy. Don’t ask me really why this is the case, but it is.

Think about the 2.6 kernel (yes, Linux Kernel - honestly, you think i was talking about something else?). At about …

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Photo out of the hotel room window

At the recent MySQL DevConf in Sorrento, Italy, I decided to take a photo out the window of my hotel room. Here it is. I’ve stayed at worse places, just :)

It also looked really similar to this from the breakfast and lunch room.

Pity we were then stuck in the basement working for most of the day. But it rocked. Got through lots of stuff, which is good.

Solidarity brother!

nipple chips and other such python fun.

adnarim_abroad making me homesick

adnarim_abroad: I know it’s controversial to say, but i’

I now want to be bumming around Melbourne city during the games. My house is 2mins walk from a  train station that’s less than 30mins to the middle of town. But never spend enough time there.

It’ll be good to get home.

Although i think the tired and hungover thing isn’t helping.

really unstable laptop

I’m currently getting hard crashes about five times a day.

I thought it was the sound driver, as i got a crash during dist-upgrade (again) while on console and saw the backtrace. Basically looked like something bad happenned when the sound was muted.

So, running without sound muted - just turned down.

Well, today, just crashed again. Since running X, no backtrace. ARRRGHHH.

Also crashed when waking up too. ACPI stuff in the backtrace.

Not a happy camper at the moment. I have work to do, not futzing around with trying to find out what the fuck is wrong with my laptop (probably software) when I should be running a stable system.

I’ve already have to re-add all my liferea RSS feeds as liferea obviously isn’t doing the right thing (at least the version shipping with Ubuntu) regards writing the feeds file to disk.

So, I’m trying to prepare presentations for our DevConf on an …

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In Sorrento (and awake!)

(almost) enough said. Good to see people again. Now just a talk to prepare for tomorrow.

Okay, not totally prepare - but a bit of it.

The one I’m giving today - on Cluster Replication is pretty much done. Would like to run through beforehand - but not sure how that plan is going to go.

In Stockholm again

This plane:

took me to London. Then a BA 757 took me to Stockholm.

It’s cold here -  

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