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Rusty on LCA talks and other stuff?

As email is *sooo* non-”Web 2.0″, i reply in blog form….
Rusty’s Bleeding Edge Page talks about a “Writing an x86 hypervisor: all the cool kids are doing it!” session that sounds really cool (better not be on at the same time as my talk… :)

I don’t (currently) intend to be one of the cool kids though.

He also mentions a session entitled “First-timer’s Introduction to LCA”. A couple of possible suggestions (or thoughts, and stuff I’ve seen):

  • be careful if you intend to bitch endlessly about a piece of software - it’s quite likely you’re talking to the person who wrote it (or a chunk of it)
  • sometimes it can be really good to just listen and ask a few good questions to understand. there are a lot of really smart people about
  • you will (at some point) ask a really dumb …
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White Stripes tour dates - The White Stripes

Damn, damn, damn, damn damn. Only January 28th - and I’m in NZ.

Note to future organisers: make sure dates don’t overlap BDO or any really cool band tour dates.

Of course, the real disaster would be if Tool were touring at the same time as a work thing. How will people take it if i leave a company event for however long is needed to see Tool live. as many times as possible. I am dearly hoping that travel co-ordinates itself to see them in different cities, countries. Heck, even another planet if we can do that by the time the new album is ready :)

Some people don’t seem to get the Tool thing. It’s just good music. But that’s the …

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