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How to check and optimize MySQL tables in parallel

I wanted to point out something that might not be obvious from the name: MySQL Parallel Dump can be used as a generic wrapper to discover tables and databases, and fork off worker processes to do something to them in parallel. That "something" can easily be invoking mysqlcheck -- or any other program. This makes it really easy for you to do multi-threaded whatever-you-need-to-do on MySQL tables. Here's how.

Automating mantenance tasks on MySQL

I'm trying to automate some trivial maintenance tasks for my own MySQL server, and trying also to minimize the effort, so ... Here is the recipe:

Take an excellent generalized stored procedure like the one by Konstantin Osipov, see "Dynamic SQL is Stored Procedures" on MySQLForge (example 4).
Tune it a bit so that it takes into account only non system tables (I'm trying to turn it into something similar to Microsoft's sp_MSforeachtable), here is the code:

  2. DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `test`.`sp_4_each_table` $$
  3. CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `sp_4_each_table`(db_name VARCHAR(64), template VARCHAR(21845))
  4. BEGIN
  5. #
  7. #
  8. DECLARE tname VARCHAR(64);
  9. #
  10. DECLARE c …
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