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MySQL Conference: Day 1

Day 1 Photos

This is the day of the MySQL Cluster Tutorial that I gave… which seemed to go down rather well.

(btw, those photos are served out of a gallery instance running on top of MySQL Cluster) .

The MySQL Joust

At our MySQL Camp Jay and Brian pitted off in the Umbrella Joust. Not sure if there was a winner, or a looser, but in the end no blood was split (except Leslie, but that’s another story).

See these and more camp photos at Flickr.

Aussies at Google

My new Google family since I’ve now moved to the US. Ronald, James, Michael, Shona and Kynan (front). James has literally been here in the US only a few days more then me, and he has an amazing Day 1 story.

Apparently there are a reasonable number of Australians now working for Google. Another interesting fact is the male/female ratio is 6:1 which is extremely high in comparison to the IT industry and IT related university studies.

weekly builds

Saturn’s autoweb

I’ve hacked my scripts that generate doxygen docs to also build MySQL 4.1, 5.0 and 5.1 for AMD64 (the box that it’s running on) with Cluster. This is to help my idea of running Gallery at home with NDB disk data tables in very recent MySQL builds.

How’s it going so far? Well… I’ve found some bugs and some seemingly strange behaviour here and there. However, bug reports will come, and I’m currently running a bit of an older build.

I’ll make the URL of the Gallery public at some point too

Flickr: macplusg3?s photos tagged with beijing

Flickr: macplusg3’s photos tagged with beijing

There’s some photos I’ve taken around Beijing up there. Will be posting more over the next few days (and until I leave - on the 16th). Enjoy.

More Shwag at The Swag Report

The Swag Report

I’ve posted more there, check it out. Some from the recent MySQL UC, some from, some from wherever.

About a third of the keynote room at MySQL UC

It should be also noted that showing up can win you stuff. Mikal did a survey thing ore something and his name has been flashing up on the screen saying he’s won stuff. Don’t know if he knows yet :)

2 More Photos from last night

that is not beer

Piano singing

wall Of Photos

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