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PHP | Interesting Bundle


During NetCAT, I got a chance to review PHP support, although I had opted for it before-hand, still I just got started last week.

You can read my 4th edition of personal NetCAT Weekly Report. So, Tony and Yudi, reviewed it in early days of NetCAT 6.5, while I was reviewing VW JSF tutorials.

Kickstarter- WordPress Tutorial

Now, some of them are working, though I gave my personal opinions, what I felt after reviewing. By the way, it was Jan Chalupa’s WordPress Project Tutorial, that got me started finally to review PHP docs and editor support, etc.

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Review: MySQL Crash Course

I’ve previously stated that I am glad to see good books on advanced MySQL usage appearing such as Pro MySQL, High Performance MySQL and the like. Well, now there is a book that makes be glad to see good books for beginners: MySQL Crash Course by Ben Forta.

While experienced MySQL users should steer clear of this book, MySQL Crash Course is an excellent book for the beginner. It starts right from the basics, talking about what a database is, what SQL is, what MySQL is, then hits the ground running talking about constructing queries, sorting, using functions, etc.

The book has a good, …

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Power of a Book Review

I was going over some of my Amazon referral statistics and was impressed to see that I have sold 25 copies of Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies book since reviewing it here.

That may not be a huge amount, but it shows that people are interested in my opinion on books. I also have sold one copy of Pro MySQL since reviewing it here.

Of course, it also serves as a reminder that putting reviews online comes with a responsibility to publish honest reviews that won't lead people astray, so I hope you find my reviews to be honest and balanced.

In the meantime, I am adding a new set of pages to track my reviews, as seen here.

If you ever have a request …

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New Book Review - Pro MySQL

I finally got a chance to review Pro MySQL by Mike and Jay. Very goog book for the experienced MySQL user.

See the review at

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