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Partitioning with non integer values using triggers

Looking at Bug#47310, which is a feature request that I hear frequently when I talk about partitions, I wrote a comment, suggesting triggers to work around the limitation.
The reason for the limitation is that allowing arbitrary functions for partitioning was too complex and it was provoking crashes and other unpleasant side effects (see the discussion under bug#18198).
But if you use a trigger, the resulting column is a plain integer, and many of the side effects disappear. The drawback is that you need to add a column to your table, and you need to use that column when searching for data. With that in mind, you can implement the workaround quite easily.

USE test;

user_id int(10) NOT NULL,
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Snow Leopard blues

On Friday afternoon, I went to give a presentation about MySQL advanced features at the Sardegna Ricerche technology park. The presentation included a quick introduction to MySQL Sandbox, something that I have been doing for years, and I thought I could do blindfold, if required. However, something didn't go as expected.

Just when I was showing off how easy is it to install a MySQL sandbox from a tarball, I was faced by an unexpected error. The tar application was not among the recognized ones. As soon as I saw the error, I immediately knew what had …

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Partial Binary Log Recovery

I came across a situation recently where I was asked if it was possible to edit a binary log to remove a part of it to restore onto a slave server. Now the choice of doing something like a hexedit did not seem appealing, and the more experienced might suggest that it is simply a matter of using  mysqlbinlog with the --start-position and/or --stop-position options. However, the problem had arisen that required the binary log to played through the replication process onto the slave based on specific options in MySQL cluster, so using an SQL dump from the binary log was of no use.

Initially this may seem like a daunting task where you will have to find some specialist tool or delve into the deep recesses of the binary log format, but a much simpler solution was found. The replication process allows the slave to be started up to a specific point in the log files. The command is the START SLAVE UNTIL... statement as seen in the manual at: …

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Two basic indexing tips ...

Here are two basic tips for proper indexing ...Don't mess with datatypes, too often people refer to an attribute defining it as one datatype in a table and as another in different tables, this actually prevents index usage in joins (forget about FKs for this time ;)) See an example here. You could declare a function based index as a workaround, but why don't we all try to make it right?Put

Getting The Most Out Of The MySQL Conference

As half of the world population already knows, the MySQL conference is coming in less than 3 weeks. Since this event only happens once a year, lasts only 4 days, and costs more than a Russian mail-order bride, I'd really like to get the most out of it. Considering that the schedule is completely packed, with 8 (!!) events going on in parallel, I imagine things can get a little frantic. Additionally, I've never been to a conference of such size before and I'm not sure what to expect.

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