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Saving 300,000 kronor a Year with GlassFish

Computer Sweden has a couple of nice article on OpenSource, GlassFish and MySQL.

The first CS Article covers the trend in IT software spending, specifically in the AppServer market, using GlassFish as an example of both Open Source momentum and Sun's success in that market.

The article has an interview with the chief architect of Net Entertainment's ( …

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Evolution Happens!

Back in 1998 one of the reasons my boss back then used for not doing something on a Linux box was
"We don't have enough people with the skills to support that"

Fast forward 10 years and the opposite is happening,
I had a chat with a coworker the other day and we were wondering how we ended up having a windows box from a 3rd party vendor in our platform since no one in our organization knows how to support it.

I imagine similar conversations in MySQL environments where people wonder who is going to support that one proprietary database that came a long with an oldskool vendor

Evolution and Adoption is happening, change happens !!

On ?On PHP? and version numbers

Matt has a good post on the recent push to make people use PHP 5. He makes several good points, and I’m just jumping on the same bandwagon.. forcing a version # change, just because the engine works better is pointless. Going into the political arena a little bit, making people switch to PHP 5 is like changing CAFE standards, it won’t do a thing for the billions of cars already out there, and it won’t change the basic dependence on crude oil. It’s just a lot of hot air to make the choir sing to themselves, again.

I’ve been running PHP 5 on my systems for the past 3 years, without any issues. Even some of the code I wrote in PHP 4, works flawlessly (with the same bugs) in PHP 5 as PHP4. Which brings me to the main point.. End Users don’t care or want to know what the engine is doing . If the application does something they want, they’ll use it. If …

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