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Hong Kong (OpenStack Summit)
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I’ll be in Hong Kong for the upcoming OpenStack Summit Nov 5-8. I’d be thrilled to talk database things with others present, especially around Trove DBaaS (DataBase as a Service) and high availability MySQL for OpenStack deployments.

I was last in Hong Kong in 2010 when I worked for Rackspace. The closest office to me was in Hong Kong so that’s where I did my HR onboarding training. I remember telling friends on the Sunday night before leaving for Hong Kong that I may be able to make dinner later in the …

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Pictures of Auckland (where OSDC 2013 is!)
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It’s getting close to time to head to Auckland for OSDC and a few days ago I blogged about how I’m speaking there). I’ll be speaking on MySQL In the Cloud, As A Service and all of the challenges that can entail as well as on The Agony and Ecstasy of Continuous Integration. Both of these talks draw heavily on the experience of …

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Rackspace Rookie-O (in Hong Kong!)
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I’d meant to finish writing this way back in July… but I failed at that. Now is a good time to talk about Rookie-O as my again new colleague Andrew Hutchings (Buy his and Sergei’s book on MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development!) just went through the same thing (but in London instead of Hong Kong) given by the same trainer (Hi Eddie!).

Rackspace is the second employer I’ve had that has some kind of new hire training (the first being …

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SmugMug and Animoto, sitting in a tree…
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One of my all-time favorite services, Animoto, has teamed up with SmugMug to make truly epic professional quality videos from both your stills and your video clips.  I’ve wanted this partnership since 2007, but Animoto’s had their hands full dealing with explosive growth, so it took us a little longer to sit in that tree together than we thought.

We had my good friend, Robert Scoble, over last night to demo for him, and you can see the video below (or click here to …

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Drizzle Meeting Photos
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I didn’t take many photos at the Drizzle Meeting, although I did take a couple at the end at the Hopvine (just down the road from Brian’s place).

A good read is Brian’s wrap up of the meeting.

But we have (courtesy of Brian):

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Yesterday, the ebox and warp staff went to Alagon (25km from Zaragoza) to have a very nice BBQ, or should I say WBQ?

We had delicious food, drinks, music, a swimming pool and weather couldn’t be more perfect.

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Don McAskill - People I met at MySQL Conference
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"The two metrics that are most important to me are first customer satisfaction and second growth." - Don McAskill

Today, I noticed Don is featured on Sun's customer success stories page:

Don McAskill is the CEO and Chief Geek of Smugmug, a photo and now hi-def video (using H.264) sharing site with a successful business model behind it.

I initially met Don last year at the MySQL Conference when my then boss told me that he is interested in meeting him. That was my …

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A MySQL Wedding!
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Sheeri & Tony Wedding

Diary: Saturday 16th June 2007

Today, Miss She-BA Sheeri Kritzer married partner Tony in Boston. For those that remember, Sheeri was the 2007 Community Advocate of the Year at the MySQL Conference.

The …

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MySQL Conference: Day 3 (with photos)
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Day 3 Photos

Okay - so it’s the morning - and the battel of the database egos session has just finished. Some photos up already!

Bdale is just about to start now… maybe some photos soon :)

MySQL Conference: Day 2
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Day 2 Photos

I gave my Intro to Cluster talk and then a Design and Internals of MySQL Cluster.

Also some photos from the DRBD BoF in the evening (which was really good). So was the BLOB streaming BoF earlier (but I didn’t take my camera out).

Currently in Eben’s keynote on Wednesday morning. As always, insightful and thought provoking.

World of awesome.

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