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Does Consona-Compiere mean community doesn’t matter?
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There was another acquisition involving open source software recently when Consona bought Compiere, but what is perhaps most striking about the deal from an open source software perspective is how little it and the Compiere community mattered in the deal.

By most accounts, including that of fellow open source ERP player xTuple CEO Ned Lilly, who offers an interesting and accurate depiction of Compiere’s changes, acknowledge the movement away from community that occurred over the last few years at Compiere. As discussed in our own recent report on the deal, we are also somewhat skeptical over the fate of what is left of Compiere’s open source

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From Sun OpenSSO comes ForgeRock OpenAM
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We’ve long wondered what might happen to all of that open source software from Sun Microsystems now that it’s at Oracle? Obviously, some pieces continue to live at Oracle (Java, Solaris, MySQL), but there are a number of open source projects that Oracle has either neglected to talk about or have been overlooked, particularly as we focused on user reactions, implications and finally approval of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun.

One significant group of open source technologies from Sun is its OpenSSO single

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Product management, effective developers, and the future of MySQL
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I am writing because Sheeri sent me a note about a blog post written by Brian Aker, where Brian concludes, quite correctly, that (in Sheeri’s words not Brian’s)

MySQL is now just a branch (the official branch,
but a branch nonetheless, and a bunch of trademark (logo) and
copyright (docs) ownerships).

This is exactly true. No denying it. Why bother. It’s true. It’s also true for the vast majority of open-source projects, by the way.

I replied to Sheeri:

There's no denying that. The product direction will be set by whoever sets the best product management strategy backed by the most effective development effort. And there can be multiple winners.

Well, this is the kind of

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Scott McNealy's Final Goodbye
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I met Scott McNealy several times over the last year in customer meetings and to talk about Sun's open source strategy.  He's a class act all the way.  He sent out his final email to Sun employees and partners earlier today. 

Here's an excerpt:    

    While it was never the primary vision to be acquired by Oracle, it was always an interesting option. And this huge event is upon us now. Let’s all embrace it with all of the enthusiasm and class and talent that we have to offer.

    This combination has the potential to put Sun, its people, and its technology at the center of yet another industry and game changing inflection point. The opportunity is

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What do MySQL staff think of the acquisition?
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It finally dawned on me while reflecting on the year past this Sunday that the missing voice since the announcement of the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems (and therefore MySQL) has been the MySQL employees.

When I worked as an employee for MySQL Inc, the acquisition by Sun Microsystems in 2008 lead to several requirements about the acquisition.

  • You were not allowed to talk about the acquisition publically.
  • You were not allowed to communicate with any Sun (i.e. the acquirer) resources.

In other words it was “business as usual” which is really an oxymoron, because business will never be exactly as it was before the announcement. The ongoing delay in pending acquisition by Oracle Corporation is really hurting everybody with getting on with doing their jobs, being happy with their work, and making a

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A MySQL Community Member Opinion of Oracle Buying Sun
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The bottom line: As both a community member of MySQL, and a service provider, I am not worried about Oracle buying Sun and acquiring MySQL in the process. There is no validity to the argument that Oracle will slow down or stop MySQL development — it is not possible, with various forks already in heavy development, and it is not probable, because Oracle has owned the InnoDB codebase for 4 years and has not slowed that development down.

My bias

I use MySQL, and want to see it continue to be developed. I work for The Pythian Group, providing DBA services to clients running MySQL. Together with my MySQL colleagues at The Pythian Group, the services provided run the gamut from rotating logs, monitoring, performance tuning, designing and implementing and optimizing database architectures and

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The Oracle EU statement on MySQL – What’s missing
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Many providers embedd MySQL (http://www.mysql.com/customers/embedded/) with their commercial products including Adobe, Macfee, Nokia, Symantec and ScienceLogic just to name a few. In addition most commercial third party storage engines have for years been forced to provided very customized versions of MySQL due to limitations in the storage engine API. These situations require a license agreement necessary with the trademark holder of MySQL. The Oracle Corporation EU Statement released on December 14, 2009 has carefully worded in the statement about these OEM licenses and storage engine providers there will be no changes for 5 years.

One specific detail is missing, what happens then?

As an individual that uses, recommends, promotes and advises clients

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How Does Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun Affect MySQL Data Warehousing?
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So, is Oracle’s acquisition of Sun good for MySQL or not so much?  And, specifically what does it mean for data warehousing on MySQL, which is one of the top 5 use cases for the leading open source database?  While there are mixed views in the market about the fate of MySQL, it’s usually pretty easy to predict Oracle’s behavior - they are a for-profit company looking to maximize their return on investment and protect their own commercial database business. 

For what they’re worth, my own views on the subject can be summarized as follows: 

  • (1) Oracle will not kill MySQL. As I mentioned to Scott Denne from VentureWire the week of the Oracle/Sun
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The future is wide open
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So the news is everywhere. Sun has some info, Oracle has some info. If you’re thinking MySQL, you should definitely be at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 (if you’re not already registered). Find a speaker, they’ll give you a 20% discount code (heck, find me, I’ll do the same).

What does this all mean for MySQL? You bet you’ll find out a lot at the conference. I can highly recommend the keynote on Tuesday morning - you want to see Karen Padir deliver the

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Oracle buys Sun, but does it buy open source?
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The big news to kick off this week was Oracle’s announced acquisition of Sun Microsystems. There is already a lot of discussion of the integration challenges, how Oracle is getting into hardware (or as Matt Asay describes it, having an ‘iPod moment’) and of course, the implications for open source software. What stands out to me is the fact that the world’s biggest proprietary database player — one of few software giants that still sells and supports primarily proprietary software — will own the world’s most popular open source database, MySQL. It is unclear how significantly MySQL figures into the deal, but given Sun spent $1b acquiring it and further

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Open source, VC and the long path
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My CAOS colleague Matt Aslett wrote recently about how we expect to see an uptick in open source merger and acquisition activity given the current economic conditions and bargains for the larger, mostly proprietary players. Matt also discusses the difficulty of further VC funding, though we have seen some significant investment announcements, such as Open-Xchange, Infobright and others. Still, Matt is probably right that funding will be harder to come by for any company, open source or not.

I also continue to see a number of startup and younger open source vendors — would-be fundees — that are opting to hold off on venture funding and stick to building up business,

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2008 The Year of the Acquisition: Microsoft Bids on Yahoo!, Amazon buys Audible
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Is 2008 going to be the Year of the Acquisition? Activity in 2007 was on the rise but now things seem to be at full speed.

  • I remember when Alta Vista and Excite! were the hot search engines, my how the world has changed.  It looks like it’s narrowing down to a two horse race with Microsoft putting the moves on Yahoo! for about $44.6 billion (Notes from SearchEngineLand). I guess it’s really on now, Google versus Microsoft in a search engine death match.
  • Yahoo! acquired Zimbra last year. I wonder
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Special Interview with Brian Aker of MySQL
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Play or download the podcast here: http://technocation.org/content/oursql-episode-24%3A-sun-shining OurSQL Episode 24: “The Sun is Shining” Sun Microsystems recently announced the purchase of MySQL. In this interview the day of the announcement, OurSQL asks Brian Aker about what this means for customers, community, Sun and MySQL. Tell us what you think of Sun buying MySQL by calling the [...]
Good move, congratulations MySQL and Sun!
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Its already a day old, but the news is as hot as ever. Sun will acquire MySQL before the end of the year.

Congratulation to MySQL and Sun!

And well done to all who were involved in making this deal, in particular, those I know personally: Marten, Monty, David, Zack and Kaj!

As I mentioned to Kaj, I am sure that MySQL has a very bright future under the wings of Sun. A deal for $1 billion made in 5 weeks can only mean both sides are extremely motivated to make it work.

I have just 3 concerns:
  • I hope that the MySQL web-site will not disappear into the Sun web-site like the proverbial needle in a haystack! Sun's download page alone is as big as the MySQL web-site ;) I would like to see a mysql.sun.com, where we can find our way around easily.

  • And the second is similar to the first but relates to the

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OurSQL Podcast Interviewing Brian Aker ? What Are Your Questions?
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At 2 pm EST (-5 GMT), OurSQL will be interviewing Brian Aker, MySQL’s Director of Architecture, about today’s announcement that Sun Microsystems bought MySQL. If you have a burning question (about the purchase), please comment here. If you’d like to be identified, please leave your name and where you’re from in your comment [...]
OK, Now I Am a Bit Worried
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SUN Microsystems just bought MySQL, see the announcement at http://www.sun.com/aboutsun/pr/2008-01/sunflash.20080116.1.xml Now, MySQL isn’t going away any time soon; there are just way too many people that use it. And while Postgres is not actually owned by SUN, they do employ some great folks to develop on it, and those folks are the the “known” Postgres [...]
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