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Ghosts of MySQL Past: Part 2
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This continues on from my post yesterday and also contains content from my linux.conf.au 2014 talk (view video here).

Way back in May in the year 2000, a feature was added to MySQL that would keep many people employed for many years – replication. In 3.23.15 you could replicate from one MySQL instance to another. This is commonly cited as the results of two weeks of work by one developer. The idea is simple: create a log of all the SQL queries that modify the database and then replay them on a slave. Remember, this is

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Past, present and future of MySQL and variants: linux.conf.au 2014 video
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Early this month I spoke at linux.conf.au in Perth, Australia, where I presented “Past, Present and Future of MySQL and variants.”

Here’s my presentation in its entirety. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. (linux.conf.au is widely regarded by delegates as one of the best community run Linux conferences worldwide.)

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My lca2014 talk video: Past, Present and Future of MySQL and variants
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On last Wednesday morning I gave my talk at linux.conf.au 2014. You can now view and download the recording of it here:


(hopefully more free formats will come soon, the all volunteer AV team has been absolutely amazing getting things up this quickly).

MySQL and PostgreSQL Cloud Offerings – linux.conf.au 2012 miniconf talk by myself and Selena
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Selena and I gave a talk on the various issues of running databases “in the cloud” at the recent linux.conf.au in Ballarat. Video is up, embedded below:

LCA Miniconf Call for Papers: Data Storage: Databases, Filesystems, Cloud Storage, SQL and NoSQL
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This miniconf aims to cover many of the current methods of data storage and retrieval and attempt to bring order to the universe. We’re aiming to cover what various systems do, what the latest developments are and what you should use for various applications.

We aim for talks from developers of and developers using the software in question.

Aiming for some combination of: PostgreSQL, Drizzle, MySQL, XFS, ext[34], Swift (open source cloud storage, part of OpenStack), memcached, TokyoCabinet, TDB/CTDB, CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase….. and more!

Call for Papers open NOW (Until 22nd October).

HOWTO screw up launching a free software project
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Josh Berkus gave a great talk at linux.conf.au 2010 (the CFP for linux.conf.au 2011 is open until August 7th) entitled “How to destroy your community” (lwn coverage). It was a simple, patented, 10 step program, finely homed over time to have maximum effect. Each step is simple and we can all name a dozen companies that have done at least three of them.

Simon Phipps this past week at OSCON talked about Open Source Continuity in practice – specifically mentioning some open source software projects that were at Sun but have since been abandoned by Oracle and different strategies

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linux.conf.au 2011 CFP Open!
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Head on over to http://lca2011.linux.org.au/ and check it out!

You’ve got until August 7th to put in a paper, miniconf, poster or tutorial.

Things I’d like to see come from my kinda world:

  • topics on running large numbers of machines
  • latest in large scale web infrastructure
  • latest going on in the IO space: (SSD, filesystems, SSD as L2 cache)
  • Applications of above technologies and what it means for application performance
  • Scalable and massive tcp daemons (i.e. Eric should come talk on scalestack)
  • exploration of pain points in current technologies and discussion on ways to fix them (from people really in the know)
  • A Hydra tutorial: starting with stock Ubuntu lucid, and exiting the tutorial with some analysis running on my project.
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Storage Miniconf Deadline Extended!
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The linux.conf.au organisers have given all miniconfs an additional few weeks to spruik for more proposal submissions, huzzah!

So if you didn’t submit a proposal because you weren’t sure whether you’d be able to attend LCA2010, you now have until October 23 to convince your boss to send you and get your proposal in.

linux.conf.au 2009 wrap-up (incl Open Source Databases Mini-conf): Day 0-1
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It’s no secret that I love linux.conf.au. My first was linux.conf.au 2003, in Perth and I’ve been to every one since (there are at least two people who’ve been to every single one, including CALU as it was called in 1999).

I’ve been on the board of Linux Australia for some insane proportion of the years since then (joining in 2003). Linux Australia is the not-for-profit community organisation that puts on linux.conf.au. It’s all volunteers and amazingly enough we have more than one group of people wanting to put on linux.conf.au each year!

This year, we Marched South to

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OurDelta at linux.conf.au
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Arjen & Monty @ LCA2009 in Hobart

I did a couple of sessions on OurDelta at the Linux.conf.au database miniconf: an overview of the project, a short delve into the features, and a “hacking the mysql server for dummies” which was found of particular interest. It’s a pity that session didn’t get accepted into the MySQL conference, it even had MySQL-uberguru Antony Curtis as co-speaker.

In the hacking talk in Hobart, I showed people the basic infrastructure of the source tree, then going through one particular patch and which changes it makes inside the server (and why). This is an excellent way to learn, as patches have a neat limited scope yet they do something significant. The good news is that the sessions were recorded, so when the

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Arrived at Linux.conf.au, Hello Planet MySQLers
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Greetings Planet MySQL readers,

I am new to Planet MySQL.. so I thought I should introduce myself.

I am Trent Lloyd (some may know me online as 'lathiat'), based in Perth, Western Australia and presently working for Sun Microsystems as a MySQL Support Engineer providing support to Sun's MySQL customers. I have been with Sun for 12 months, and previous to that was working for MySQL AB before it was acquired for 8 months. My background before that is in the ISP industry working for HostAway in a combination System/Network administration and support role.

I have also given a number of papers, often related to either Avahi or IPv6 at a few conferences.. mainly Linux.conf.au - you can view them on my web-site www.lathiat.net.

I have an open-source/free-software community

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People on IRC as some measure of a project
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#mysql isn’t too fair to include, as it’s really about users, not dev. #mysql-ndb is there because i heart ndb.

Oh, and linux.conf.au is there because it’s *awesome* and you should go.

Totally unscientific due to i’m only taking a sample once and whatever… but it kinda interests me…

On Open Source and Open Competition in a not-so-Open World
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Open Source is global in nature. You can develop a database in, say, Finland or Sweden, and become known in, say, Ukraine or the United States.

This would imply that Open Source knows no borders.

In practice, borders hamper Open Source work a lot. I have been familiar with the hassle involving MySQLers in Russia and the Ukraine trying to get Schengen (European Union) and US visas for meetings. And I have myself gone through a lot of hassle travelling to Russia and once even (out of my own stupidity and carelessness, though) been denied entry to India when I already was on Indira Gandhi airport in New Delhi.

But now, I’ve experienced what I had expected

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Open Source Databases MiniConf CfP open
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Going to LCA? We have two days of glory for what is known as The Open Source Databases MiniConf. We have a webpage on the wiki, the announcement went out a few days ago, and the call for participation is open!

Tasmania is a fabulous place to be in January. 19-20 January 2009 is when the OSDB-MiniConf happens… topics on MySQL, PostgreSQL, Derby/JavaDB, Drizzle, CouchDB and many more are to be accepted.

What are you waiting for, submit a talk already!

MySQL Conference 2009, Open Source Databases MiniConf at linux.conf.au
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It is no secret that I am the Program Chair for the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009, and am truly excited about it (big shoes to fill in from Jay). I expect it to be a great conference, with over 2,000 attendees and lots and lots of great talks. The paper submissions have been coming through, the excellent voters have been voting, and the progress is impressive. Its a great learning experience.

Now, I’m excited to tell you that I’m also going to organise the Open Source Databases MiniConf at linux.conf.au 2009. Its going to be in Hobart, Tasmania, in January 2009, and again, I’m excited. Read the

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linux.conf.au 2008 Mini-Conf Selection
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So, last night a group of us sat down and went through all the mini-conf proposals for linux.conf.au 2008

There were a lot of proposals. There were also a lot of good ones.

We’re not announcing anything yet… but in the interest of openness… here’s the procedure.

We started out as any responsible group of selectors would…. looking at the proposals over beer:

a few jokes thrown in… frank discussion and

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MySQL Conf: Getting Drunk with Eben Moglen
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So Jay Pipes pointed out that Eben Moglen is speaking at the upcoming MySQL Conference in his attention grabbing post: Getting Drunk with Eben Moglen.

I saw Eben speak at linux.conf.au 2005 in Canberra - which was totally totally awesome.

I’m really looking forward to seeing him again - honestly, it’s probably worth the conference admission fee just to see this session.

LCA2007 Photos
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I’ve added a LCA2007 section to my Gallery with a bunch of photos I took at and around the conference. Feel free to have a look. I’ve posted a bunch of these to flickr already, so you’ve likely seen some if you follow my flickr feed.

Note that this gallery install is usually running a top-of-tree mysql cluster install on a box that has a bunch of other load on it… so things may work, may not - whatever :)

Those of you listening in on Planet MySQL - you should be able to spot a few other MySQLers around there, and there’s photos from the MySQL miniconf.

lca rocks
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lca2007 already totally rocks.

did the speaker thing this morning, which was awesome (and i won’t spoil the surprise)

mysql miniconf today, should rock.

Programme - linux.conf.au 2007
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The Programme for linux.conf.au 2007 has hit the streets (err.. web) and it’s looking pretty neat.

I’m glad to see the MySQL (http://www.mysql.com) and PostgreSQL miniconfs on different days - means I should be able to pop into the PostgreSQL one as well. Kernel could be interesting too… I guess it can depend on the sessions and stuff though.

Greg Banks’ session on “Making NFS Suck Faster” should be interesting. Tridge’s session on “clustering tdb - a little database meets big iron” should be really interesting (after all, I hack on a clustered database for a crust). After lunch, I’m a bit torn between a few sessions - but Matthew Garrett’s “Fixing suspend for

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Rusty on LCA talks and other stuff?
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As email is *sooo* non-”Web 2.0″, i reply in blog form….
Rusty’s Bleeding Edge Page talks about a “Writing an x86 hypervisor: all the cool kids are doing it!” session that sounds really cool (better not be on at the same time as my talk… :)

I don’t (currently) intend to be one of the cool kids though.

He also mentions a session entitled “First-timer’s Introduction to LCA”. A couple of possible suggestions (or thoughts, and stuff I’ve seen):

  • be careful if you intend to bitch endlessly about a piece of software - it’s quite likely you’re talking to the person who wrote it (or a chunk of it)
  • sometimes it can be really good to just listen and ask a few good questions to

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White Stripes tour dates
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ticketmaster.com.au - The White Stripes

Damn, damn, damn, damn damn. Only January 28th - and I’m in NZ.

Note to future organisers: make sure dates don’t overlap BDO or any really cool band tour dates.

Of course, the real disaster would be if Tool were touring at the same time as a work thing. How will people take it if i leave a company event for however long is needed to see Tool live. as many times as possible. I am dearly hoping that travel co-ordinates itself to see them in different cities, countries. Heck, even another planet if we can do that by the time the new album is ready :)

Some people don’t seem to get the Tool thing. It’s

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