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Mermaids have the same probability of fixing your permission problems, but people continue believing in the FLUSH PRIVILEGES myth.I see suggesting the usage of FLUSH PRIVILEGES every time someone writes a tutorial or a solution to a problem regarding creating a new account or providing different privileges. For example, the top post on /r/mysql as of the writing of these lines, …

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Una sirena tiene las mismas probabilidades de arreglar tus problemas de permisos, la diferencia es que la gente continúa creyendo en el mito de FLUSH PRIVILEGES.Cada vez que alguien escribe un tutorial o solución a un problema relacionado con la creación de una nueva cuentas de usuario o la provisión de diferentes privilegios veo la sugerencia de utilizar FLUSH PRIVILEGES. Por ejemplo, el primer post en /r/mysql en el momento de escribir estas líneas, …

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New MySQL Utility to Display Grants by Object
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We are happy to announce mysqlgrants, a new utility that allows users to display the privileges of grantees over database objects. Together with mysqlbinlogmove, these are the new utilities included in MySQL Utilities release-1.6.0 Alpha.

Mysqlgrants allows you to know which users have access to a specific object or list of objects. Furthermore, it can also show the list of privileges that each user has over said object(s). In short, mysqlgrants simplifies the task of monitoring grants in MySQL helping you ensure users do not have more permissions than necessary, thus keeping data more secure.

Main …

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Improved Security with MySQL 5.6
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Installed on a clean CentOS 6.4 AWS instance.

sudo su -
cd /tmp
tar xvf MySQL-5.6.13-1.el6.x86_64.rpm-bundle.tar
yum install -y libaio perl
rpm -i MySQL*.rpm

The following output is the sign that security is being considered with new MySQL versions. Woot!

You will find that password in '/root/.mysql_secret'.

You must change that password on your first connect,
no other statement but 'SET PASSWORD' will be accepted.
See the manual for the semantics of the 'password expired' flag.

Also, the …
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MySQL privileges and replication
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This is a response on MySQL security: inconsistencies and Less known facts about MySQL user grants.

As far as I know the privilege to grant PROXY privileges is also not very well understood. I blogged about that some time ago.

In addion to the already highlighted issues with GRANT replication and grants can …

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How to block DROP statements on the slave
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This was a request yesterday on a mailing list about how to I block DROP statements from running on a slave. There were responses including MySQL could not do this, or try other replication technologies however I thought I would share how you can easily do this on a slave.

You simply deny access on the slave. It is as simple as changing the MySQL privileges for the user(s) in question to remove DROP or ALTER capabilities.

Of course this will break replication rather then simply ignore the statement however I suspect that is the intended goal anyway. The first statement that uses the table will fail regardless. With appropriate …

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Securich – The MySQL Security Package step by step run through
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I would like to start off by excusing myself for having had a broken link on when I published the latest blog post about Securich.

The tool is downloadable from there and anyone can use it for free in accordance to GPLv2.

I wanted to throw out tutorial about how to install it and use it (Note this tutorial is for version securich version 0.1.2):

Progress report on High Performance MySQL, Second Edition
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It's been a while since I've written about progress on the book. I actually stopped working on it as much at the beginning of the month, because on October 31(st) I managed to finish a first draft of the last big chapter! Now I'm back to full-time work at my employer, and I'm working on the book in the evenings and weekends only. Read on for details of what I've been working on and what's next in the pipeline.

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