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Linus on Instantiation and Armadaification
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I feel a sense of pride when I think that I was involved in the development and maintenance of what was probably the first piece of software accepted into Debian which then had and still has direct up-stream support from Microsoft. The world is a better place for having Microsoft in it. The first operating system I ever ran on an 08086-based CPU was MS-DOS 2.x. I remember how thrilled I was when we got to see how my friend’s 80286 system ran BBS software that would cause a modem to dial a local system and display the application as if it were running on a local machine. Totally sweet.

When we were living at 6162 NE Middle in the nine-eight 292, we got an 80386 which ran Doom. Yeah, the original one, not the fancy new one with the double barrel shotgun, but it would probably run that one, too.

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The blog was down yesterday
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The brief outage was due to a scheduled move of the servers to a separate rack and subnet dedicated to our work with the Center for Information Assurance & Cybersecurity (ciac) at the University of Washington Bothell (uwb), and a11y.com

I am currently exercising the new (to us) equipment and hope to winnow the less than awesome equipment over the next quarter. I spent the last six months finding the best in breed of the surplussed DL385 and DL380 chassis we (work) were going to have recycled. The team and I were able to find enough equipment to bring up one of each with eight and six gigs of memory, respectively. These will make excellent hypervisors for provisioning embedded instances of Slackware, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana, FreeDOS, etc.

When I initially configured this xen paravirt environment, I failed to plan for integration with libvirt, so I am

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451 CAOS Links 2011.06.14
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Apache OpenOffice.org proposal approved. SkySQL Tekes new funding. And more.

# The proposal for OpenOffice.org to become an Apache incubator project was unanimously approved.

# Rob Weir discussed how the relationship between OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice need not be a zero-sum game.

# Simon Phipps offered his thoughts on the potential positive and negative outcomes.

# Tekes, the main public funding agency for research, development, and innovation in Finland,

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Converting KVM to VirtualBox
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I have had most of my test environment, aka puppetmasters, test mysql setups etc running in KVM for the past couple of years .. (yes I`m still using a lot of Xen in production environments, but we've also been using KVM for a while already .. it's a good mix) , Virtual box has always been the lesser loved Virtualization platform , however while playing more and more with Vagrant Up I realized I needed to convirt some boxen (e.g my PuppetMaster) to Virtualbox, and google was really no good help(most people seem to go the other way , or want to use some proprietary tools )

So I remembered VBoxManage and apparently I hade blogged about it myselve already ..
I just hate it when I search for stuff and google points right back to me

So I converted my puppetmaster's disks

  • VBoxManage convertdd

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    Drupal 7 test drive appliance updated to 7.0-beta2, now with GUI option
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    Over the weekend I updated my Drupal 7 test appliance in SUSE Studio to the Drupal 7.0-beta2 release, which was released on Oct. 23rd. I also added phpMyAdmin upon a user request, to provide a web-based method to work with the MySQL instance, if needed.

    In addition to the lightweight "headless" appliance (which can only be accessed and configured via a remote network connection), I've now also created a

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    Testing Drupal 7 on a virtual appliance with MySQL 5.1 and the InnoDB plugin
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    The Drupal community just recently released another alpha test release of their upcoming Drupal 7 version, to shake out the remaining bugs and to encourage more users to test it.

    If you would like to give it a try, but you don't have a free server handy, how about using a virtual machine instead? Using the fabolous SuSE Studio, I've created an appliance based on openSUSE 11.3, Drupal 7.0-alpha7 and MySQL 5.1 with the

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    451 CAOS Links 2010.04.23
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    The White House contributes to OSS. Growth for Pentaho and MuleSoft. And more.

    Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    # The White House released some of the custom code it has developed for whitehouse.gov as open source.

    # Pentaho reported 229% bookings growth and 177% Enterprise Edition customer growth in Q2.

    # MuleSoft grew bookings by 140% in Q1.

    # The beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is now available, without Xen.

    # OpenCandy

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    Cloud openness contemplated
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    I caught some of the keynotes and discussion at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit today, and was particularly interested in the panel discussion on open source and cloud computing. While we are used to hearing and talking about how important open source software is to cloud computing (open source giving to cloud computing), moderator John Mark Walker posed the question of whether cloud computing gives back? The discussion also rightfully focused on openness in cloud computing, how open source might or might not translate to cloud openness and the importance of data to be open as well.

    The discussion also centered on some issues regarding open standards and how open is open

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    451 CAOS Links 2010.04.13
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    600 new customers for SugarCRM. James Gosling leaves Oracle. And more.

    Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
    “Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

    # SugarCRM added nearly 600 customers in the first quarter of 2010.

    # James Gosling resigned from Oracle.

    # VMware’s SpringSource acquired Rabbit Technologies and its RabbitMQ messaging software.

    # EnterpriseDB hired Sun’s former MySQL VP Karen Tegan Padir as vice president of products and marketing.

    # Xen.org

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    Southern California Linux Expo(SCaLE 8x) Recap
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    In a time when many tradeshows are experiencing lower then normal attendance the 8th Annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 8x) had record attendance this past weekend in Los Angeles. I was there exhibiting and conducting a community training day for Zenoss and was very impressed by not

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    Save MySQL would not spare open source M&A
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    A recent pitch from the folks opposing Oracle’s ownership of MySQL via acquisition of Sun Microsystems got me thinking. The plea, ‘Oracle can have Sun, but not MySQL’ may make sense to some, but to me it speaks to the irony of closing out Oracle or any company or anyone from open source. Upon further reflection and given 2010 is off to a roaring pace of M&A, I also began to wonder what the impact of the ‘Save MySQL’ campaign could be on open source in M&A, particularly if it was to successfully derail the acquisition or somehow decouple MySQL from Sun under Oracle?

    What would it mean to carve out the open source projects, components, teams and support from

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    Got Interviewed
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    by @botchagalupe
    on Virtualization, Open Source tools and DNS Problems

    Technorati Tags: dnsproblem drupal ha heartbeat linux-ha mysql pacemaker puppet virtualization xen
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    Decommissioning old servers, saving money…
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    Of course it’s not quite that simple. I’ve just decomissioned an old Red Hat 7.1 box (hosted dedicated server) that had been in service since 2002, so about 7 years. Specs? Celeron 1.3GHz, 512M, 60GB HD. Not too bad in the RAM and disk realm. It did a good job but goodness am I glad to be rid of it!

    Not having that box online is safer for the planet, although it (perhaps amazingly considering the age of some of the externally facing software components) has never been compromised – I consider that mostly luck, by the way, I’m not naive about that. But it’s not easy to move off old servers, it’s generally (and also has been in this case) a lot of work.

    Of course hosting has moved on since 2002, places like Linode offer more for less money/month. Of course they virtualise (Xen based in this case) and

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    We are rebranding !
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    So the cat is out of the bag,

    As of today Inuits is rebranding to Pinuits,
    The press release is here

    We've had good feedback on the new name so far. Different people told me the name matched better to what we are doing . Actually my wife thinks our new name is much better as at least the Pin in Pinuits refers to our favourite Tux again ..

    Finding an appropriate name for an Open Source consultancy company, with focus on Linux, Open Source Monitoring, MySQL, Open Source Virtualization , Large Scale Deployments , High Availability and Drupal, isn't easy .. you want to show both community involvement and professionality. And find a domain that's still available.

    Technorati Tags:
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    XenServer 5 with OpenBSD
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    Here is my experience trying to run OpenBSD with XenServer 5 Enterprise.

    • XenServer console doesn’t function properly as it keeps overlaying text displayed previously or anything you have typed into the console. Makes it very difficult to read and see what you are doing. As well it appears numerpad with numlock on does not work either. The best work around is to SSH into OpenBSD.
    • Receiving the following error messages at boot up, “clock: unknown CMOS layout” and “rl0: watchdog timeout”. Yes the NIC is being detected as a Realteak 8139. If I check /var/run/dmesg.boot out of the two error messages I only see the “clock: unknown CMOS layout”. So I would assume the watchdog timeout
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    Virtualizing MySQL , are you stupid ?
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    or timebound ? or don't you have any load on your DB at all ?

    I personally don't see many reasons to virtualize your database, apart from the , we plan to start small and scale out, or the we need it now and we don't have the hardware yet , putting your database on a virtual platform where you have to share resources with other virtual machines doesn't really sound like a tempting proposition to me. Small, almost idle databases , maybe. But enterprise production level databases no thnx.

    Sheeri Cabral also mentions the above reasons .. and there also .. Enterprise Production use isn't listed.

    Databases typically require a good amount of memory , and steady disk access.
    So if you are in a production environment with a fairly loaded database, would you want a 4Gb machine with full direct memory

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    Fosdem 2008, looking back
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    Fosdem is over .. and it was ... overcrowded :(

    Honestly trying to squeeze into an overcrowded bar, then on saturday overcrowded rooms, or even not being able to enter that room (Mozilla and Embedded) , Fosdem is starting to become the victim of it's own success.

    Some people are suggesting Fosdem to move to the Arenberg campus in "Brussels-East" dunnow if Leuven can actually host enough beds for Fosdem :)
    However the Beer event problem would be solved but Philip will have to make arrangements with 'The greatest bar of Western Europe"

    The talk about Xen on ARM was interresting however the grande finale missed, the MiniOS just didn't boot :( Kettle was interresting and I

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    Book review: "Xen Virtualization" by Prabhakar Chaganti (Packt Publishing)
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    I recently received a review copy of the book "Xen Virtualization" by Prabhakar Chaganti (Packt Publishing) and finished reading it a few days ago.

    The subtitle "A fast and practical guide" is a matching description - I managed to read the ~130 pages over the course of a week. The book is by no means an exhaustive reference manual, but it gives the reader a good overview about Xen and assists with performing the first steps and getting started.


    Continue reading "Book review: "Xen Virtualization" by Prabhakar Chaganti (Packt Publishing)"
    SXDE 1/08 is Released!
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    Sun Microsystems has released Solaris Express Developer Edition 1/08, Sun's free OpenSolaris-based distribution targeted at developers.

    This release brings together integrated web stack (Apache, MySQL, Ruby, Php, PostgreSQL), NetBeans 6.0, interoperability with Microsoft's CIFS protocol, support for virtual machines via Sun xVM hypervisor, based on  technology developed

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    Small Tip: How to set up two interface Xen machine
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    This will be one of those posts I’d like to publish primarily to be able to coma back later and check it out instead of reading docs again

    So, we have a server with two (or more) network interfaces are we need to be able to use more than one interface in our VDS machines. How do we set it up?


    ?Gatekeepers of the Datacenter? vs. Freedom of choice in IT
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    I’ve written in the past about how enterprise management vendors can act as “Gatekeepers of the Datacenter” by virtue of what technologies they do or don’t support as part of their management solutions. This rather lame dynamic is a big part of the reason why a lot of otherwise great technologies dont make it all the way into the traditional enterprise.

    The problem gets further compounded when one of these “Gatekeepers” is also a platform or stack vendor. See, it’s hard to resist the temptation of delivering the absolute best management for IBM products from a Tivoli solution while shortchanging non-IBM ones. Or, to lay this on one of the aspiring members of the big 4… how about getting support for SQL Server on Oracle’s Enterprise Manager. Hmmm… I’m gonna guess it sucks

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    Xen, fdisk, resize, why oh why...
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    So last night I had to resized one of my Xen partitions. So what was the magic to make this happen?

    dd if=/dev/zero count= >> /var/lib/xen/images/shiitake.dsk

    Then? I need to increase the partition map for my disk:

    fdisk /dev/xvda

    What did I do in fdisk? I deleted the partition, and then recreated it with the new available blocks. Of course the machine was running at the time. What is life without a few risks? But I have to ask myself, why doesn't fdisk have a resize command? I swear that tool hasn't changed in well over a decade.

    I am running LVM so then I had to:

    pvresize /dev/xvda2
    lvresize -L +5G /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

    And finally since the filesystem is ext3:

    e2fsck -f

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