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Exploring message brokers
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Message brokers are not regularly covered here but are, nonetheless, important web-related technologies. Some time ago, I was asked by one of our customer to review a selection of OSS message brokers and propose a couple of good candidates. The requirements were fairly simple: behave well when there’s a large backlog of messages, be able to create a cluster and in case of the failure of a node in a cluster, try to protect the data but never blocks the publishers even though that might imply data lost. Nothing fancy regarding queues and topics management. I decided to write my …

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Building a realtime Feed with RabbitMQ Node.js AMQP and mySQL
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Being a backend programmer, I rarely code in JavaScript. Today I code a lot of cross browser JavaScript with the fantastic lib jquery and its various extensions. Front end programming is hard to get correct since IE sucks but that's another Blog post that is out of scope. I certainly have more of an appreciation for the people that focus in this area. I can finally say I am really well rounded in doing CSS, JavaScript, Server tuning, DBA, PHP, C etc since I work the entire stack. Now for the setup and disclaimer. This post is not meant to provide a How-To but to explain the approach. If you would like a How To let me know on what.

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CAOS Theory Podcast 2010.04.16
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Topics for this podcast:

*The latest in VC funding for open source
*VMware’s SpringSource buys cloud messenger Rabbit
*Open source monitoring vendors’ key cloud partnershps
*Oracle moves ahead, back on MySQL, OpenSolaris

iTunes or direct download (25:38, 7MB)

451 CAOS Links 2010.04.13
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600 new customers for SugarCRM. James Gosling leaves Oracle. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# SugarCRM added nearly 600 customers in the first quarter of 2010.

# James Gosling resigned from Oracle.

# VMware’s SpringSource acquired

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Eleven Open Source Cloud Computing Projects to Watch
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Last month cloud computing and systems management expert John Willis published his best of Cloud Computing for 2009 list he calls the Cloudies.  I am not an expert on the latest developments in cloud computing so it was nice to …

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