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The blog was down yesterday
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The brief outage was due to a scheduled move of the servers to a separate rack and subnet dedicated to our work with the Center for Information Assurance & Cybersecurity (ciac) at the University of Washington Bothell (uwb), and a11y.com

I am currently exercising the new (to us) equipment and hope to winnow the less than awesome equipment over the next quarter. I spent the last six months finding the best in breed of the surplussed DL385 and DL380 chassis we (work) were going to have recycled. The team and I were able to find enough equipment to bring up one of each with eight and six gigs of memory, respectively. These will make excellent hypervisors for provisioning embedded instances of Slackware, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana, FreeDOS, etc.

When I initially configured this xen paravirt environment, I failed to plan for integration with libvirt, so I am

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BlueBox GUI for FreeSWITCH looks very promising
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(NOTE: If you’ve come here from http://planet.mysql.com my apologies. I’ve notified them to only follow my database related posts and hope they’ll not follow my full blog feed shortly.) I recently came across a new site which offers a GUI configuration tool for FreeSWITCH. Despite buying the FreeSWITCH 1.0.6 Book which is a very good [...]
Asterisk attack
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There was a lot of talk about this being the next menace after email spam. I’m not actually sure what it’s called for VoIP systems, but my Asterisk setup has started to be attacked over the last few days. Lots of entries like: [Aug 27 19:20:30] NOTICE[18826] chan_sip.c: Registration from '"742"<sip:742@a.b.c.d>' failed for '' - [...]
Two Random Asterisk-Related SQL Queries
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I hate losing useful SQL queries, so I tend to save them. Ever so often, I stumble across a file of queries from some work I was doing months ago. The following two queries are just such a case. I was analyzing some call data for a call center that uses Asterisk. I set up a temporary database for this, so I can't even run them again. Still, it's nice to save them away for a rainy day.

Call Center Call Volume by Day of Week and Hour

SET @tz = 'EST5EDT';
  DAYNAME(CONVERT_TZ(start, 'GMT', @tz)) AS "Weekday",
  HOUR(CONVERT_TZ(start, 'GMT', @tz)) AS "Hour",
  AVG(duration), AVG(billsec) 
  FROM cdr 
    WHERE dcontext IN ('Queue1', 'Queue2', 'Queue3', 'Queue4')
      AND duration > 60
    GROUP BY Weekday, Hour
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451 CAOS Links 2009.10.21
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The future of MySQL. The SCO Group terminates Darl McBride. And more.

The future of MySQL
Monty Widenius urged Oracle to give up on MySQL in order to land Sun while Richard Stallman, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) and the Open Rights Group sent a letter to the EC urging it to block Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL. All of which prompted Florian Mueller, who it should be noted is working with Widenius as part of his campaign, to claim that there is growing public opposition to Oracle owning Sun’s MySQL.

Meanwhile The VAR Guy reported on rumours that

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451 CAOS Links 2009.09.22
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Oracle is keeping MySQL. Yahoo is selling Zimbra. Linus is feeling bloated. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# Larry Ellison reportedly said Oracle has no intention of spinning off MySQL.

# Yahoo is trying to sell Zimbra, according to All Things D.

# Linus Torvalds said Linux is “bloated and huge”.

# GroundWork Open Source released GroundWork Monitor 6.0.

# Zend launched Simple API for Cloud Application Services with IBM, Microsoft, Nirvanix,

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451 CAOS Links 2009.09.04
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Red Hat round-up. EC to review Oracle-Sun. Dedicated Ubuntu support. And more.

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

Red Hat announcements round-up
Red Hat announced a whole heap of products and projects this week. They should have organized an event to coincide with all the announcements. Or something. The biggest news was probably the launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 including KVM and other virtualization capabilities, while Red Hat and HP partnered to optimize Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for HP BladeSystem Matrix. The company also revealed that Red Hat Network

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451 CAOS Links 2008.12.19
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Red Hat increases its service levels. Linux Foundation appoints Ted Ts’o CTO. Sun delivers VirtualBox update. Novell cancels BrainShare. BBC enables iPlayer for Linux. And more.

Note: This is the last 451 CAOS Links post of 2008. We’ll be back with a bumper holiday special on January 2. Happy holidays!

Official announcements
Red Hat Increases Service Levels and Reduces Costs for Customers with Extended Update Support Red Hat

Linux Foundation Appoints Ted Ts’o to Position of Chief Technology Officer Linux Foundation

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What Marc Fleury did next
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We knew Marc Fleury couldn’t stay out of the business world for long. The founder of JBoss has leaked details of his new venture, an open source home automation community named OpenRemote.

The OpenRemote team also includes the creator of Asterisk Mark Spencer, JBoss veterans Juha Lindfors, Christian Bauer, Java X10 project creator Wade Wassenberg, and Linux Home Automation founder Neil Cherry.

Together they, and others, plan to create a complete open source home automation including the OpenRemote Controller hardware, OpenRemote Console Applications to make use of the iPhone and iTouch as a universal remote (although any device with browser will work), the

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Mark Spencer, AsteriskNOW Video
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Curious about Digium's AsteriskNOW distribution? Mark has the following video up on YouTube showing how to install it.

(...and yes someday I'll get around to doing something like this for MySQL... its just hard to get a camera, a free afternoon, and a car that someone will let me blowup)
Return of the Asterisk Home Phone System
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A couple of months ago my Asterisk box bit the dust. What happened? As far as I can tell the motherboard gave up the ghost. Which is a new event for me, I've never had a motherboard die before!

So what does this mean?

It meant finding a box to put my Digium cards in. I tried the cheap- ass route of reusing another old computer in the house, only to discover that it too had problems. In the end I just forked out $399 for a new 1u box to install my digium cards (BTW don't plugin in FXO lines to FXS, turns out it burns out the ports....).

And for software?

Time to try out Trixbox!

Trixbox is the new version of Asterisk@Home. The Asterisk@Home project recently changed their name, which to me was a brilliant idea. While I do see some home users of their project, I find that there are more business users. Trixbox is built on CentOS and comes with both

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Presence, my bot tracks my phone
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One of the projects I completed last week was the upgrade of the house phone system to the latest version of Trixbox (aka asterisk, aka defunct Asterisk@Home, more to come on that later).

I rarely answer my home phone line though. To even get to my extension you have to know what it is ahead of time, since the message you get when you dial my home phone line is "go away". If you know my extension though you can still get to me, which most likely means you will get my voicemail. All voicemail from the house line is sent to me as email, unlike my cell phone where it sits and rots.

If you can navigate my home phone system, I probably want to hear from you. With the upgrade I wanted my phone system to push data to me. To do this I wanted to integrate it into Laslow (and yes this is the next generation of Wolsal for those who remember it).

Laslow is an AIM bot that I run.

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Free Software and SS7
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In my previous job at Sifira A/S, I developed the first version of chan_ss7.

Chan_ss7 is a module for Asterisk, which interfaces Asterisk to an SS7 network.

So what is SS7? It is the network that runs the worlds telephone network. Chances are that as soon as your phone call reaches the local central (analog/ISDN) or base station (cell phone), it is transported over SS7. SS7 is the domain of big telephone switches from Nokia, Ericsson, and others, and a lot of very expensive and proprietary equipment.

So how does that fit with the world of cheap IP-based telephony and Free software? As it turns out, not bad at all!

Since my announcement half a

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Asterisk at Home Guide
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Woke up this morning to discover a new guide to Asterisk@Home via Planet Asterisk. Reading through the guide has pretty much solidified my wish to move the house phone system to 2.6 when I get home. For those not playing along from home, I stumbled across Asterisk@Home less then a year ago, and have decided that my VOIP system is never going back to me hacking everything by hand.

The Asterisk@Home project releases a CD that installs not only a full PBX, but a working CRM system and database (ala MySQL). The setup is incredibly easy and most novices should be able to have it working in a couple of hours.

The project is still on the hobby'ist side of development but it is rapidly improving itself. I could easily see a small company with a

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Why DUN rocks, Cingular sucks, and the PSTN is about to see some evolution
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The flight I am on is delayed and they have us sitting in the plane while they fix something on the plane.

So what do I do? Pop open the laptop, fire up DUN and start pulling down email. My phone just became my connection to the world.

Why does Cingular suck? Because they disable DUN on the Treo's they ship. My current email reading, web surfing lifestyle is all made possible by a warranty voiding approach that I found that allowed me to enable a feature they decided they didn't want their customers to have. If you buy a phone from Cingular you get a phone that they have hacked up to remove features that they don't want you to have.

And what would be the story if you bought your phone on your own and skipped buying it from Cingular?

You would get this feature built it.

Cingular sucks. I live for the day of the Wi-MAX revolution where we can see

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Dial-a-monkey, brian 2, tele-marketers 0
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So this is the plan. Welcome to Dial-A-Monkey!

Do you need to give out a phone number from time to time? Would you like it so that the tele-marketer gets an earful when he dials?
Try giving out this: 360-226-7186

I actually have two numbers right now, the above, and a secret one. The secret one is being fed directly into my Asterisk server's blacklist. I am giving it out as my home number whenever I sign up for free stuff. This number, 360-226-7186, I am letting anyone use. I won't blacklist from people who call it, so feel free to play with it.

So how am I doing this for free? (ok, minus my time, a computer, some electricity, and the anger of those around me for not leaving the house on a Saturday).

Go to http://www.freeworlddialup.com/ and get a number.
Next go to sourceforge and install

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Seattle MySQL Meetup
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Just as a reminder, there is a MySQL Seattle Meetup on Monday at the Elysian. People show up at 7:00.

More Information is here:

I believe I should have some O'Reilly books on hand to give out.

Topics have included: MySQL, MySQL, favorite science fiction shows, Asterisk, and the ever popular "how many channels of TV are you recording on your MyTH system"
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