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CORRECTION: MySQL Idiosyncrasies that BITE Webinar
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If you have not looked at my recent presentation that I presented at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010, then feel free to join me on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT tomorrow at 5pm EDT when I will giving a webinar on this talk. You can register online at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/730452824

A parallel universe
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What happens when you mention Open Office and Firewall in once sentence, in public ?

People start actually building it (French Article)

Then add to that list that there's also people out there that think that running MySQL over NFS is providing them High Availability, or that using DNS Round Robin will provide them a scalable setup,

So yes .. apparently there is indeed a parallel universe out there.

And no .. I don't want to see Webmin in any Appliance .. that is a joke..., or rather a rant ..

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Slides from my MySQL UC 2010 presentation
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As requested by a few fans out there, here are the slides of my presentation:

Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 and MySQL.pdf

I had a great time at the conference, met a lot of nice folks, friends, customers, partners and colleagues. After the conference I was unable to get back home like so many of you because of the Paul Simon singing Eyjafjallajökul volcano in Iceland.

So I ended up flying over to Orlando for a week of brutal PDI 4.0 RC1 hacking with the rest of the l33t super Pentaho development team.  However, after 2+ weeks from home, even a severe storm over Philadelphia couldn’t prevent me from getting home eventually.

Until next time,

2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference Slides and Videos
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Here’s a matrix of all the videos up on YouTube for the 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo. The matrix includes the title, presenter, slide link (if it exists), video link, and link to the official conference detail page, where you can rate the session and provide feedback that the presenter will see. They are grouped mostly by topic, except for the main stage events (keynote, ignite) and interviews.

If there’s a detail missing (ie, slides, or there are other videos you know about), please add a comment so I can make this a complete matrix.TitlePresenterSlidesVideo link
(hr:min:sec)Details (Conf. site link)


State of the DolphinEdward Screven (Oracle)29:10

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Slides from my Sphinx talk at RIT++ 2010
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While the majority of Percona gang travelled to California for the MySQL event of the year, I headed in the opposite direction to Moscow for RIT++ 2010 conference where I presented a talk on Sphinx. You can get the PDF file here - Improving MySQL-based applications performance with Sphinx.



I have been invited to talk at Open Source Data Center Conference in Nürnberg, Germany in June this year, so I hope I can meet some of you there.

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Slides of the PBXT Presentation
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Here are the slides to my talk yesterday: A Practical Guide to the PBXT Storage Engine.

For anyone who missed my talk, I think it is worth going through the slides, because the are fairly self explanatory.

If there are any questions, please post them as a comment to the blog. I will be glad to answer :)
Upcoming speaking engagements: Grazer Linuxtage and amoocon
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As I already wrote, I will be speaking at the MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara in two weeks and I am excited to be there again. This year's conference is going to be interesting for a number of reasons, but most importantly I think that the schedule looks great! This is going to be a "drinking from the firehose of MySQL knowledge" event. Afterwards, I'll be on parental leave in May and June, so I likely will miss a lot of great conferences – these months are usually quite packed, as our Open Source Events Calendar can confirm. I just

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Loadays CFP
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I would like to point the crowd to the Call For Presentaions of Loadays. , the Linux Open Administration Days .

The Linux Open Administration days 2010 will be the first edition of a new conference focusing on Linux and Open Administration, we are trying to fill a gap for System Engineers and Administrators using Open Source technologies"

More details on the Linux Open Administration Days site

I'll probably be there .. given the fact that the event will be 5 minutes from where I live .

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Basic Joins and Subqueries Video
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Last month at the Boston MySQL User Group, I went through the meanings of INNER, LEFT/RIGHT OUTER, CROSS, NATURAL joins, how to do a FULL OUTER JOIN in MySQL, and what STRAIGHT_JOIN means. I also explained how to recognize when you want those types of joins, and best practices for the semantics of writing joins and design patterns. Subqueries were explained in this session, and some examples of how to think differently so that you end up writing JOINs instead of subqueries. The slides (slightly different from the slides in the video — due to error correction) can be found at http://technocation.org/files/doc/2010_01MySQLJoins.pdf.

Here’s the video:

Read this before submitting a conference proposal
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The O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010 Call for Participation ends in just under 3 weeks. I am on the conference committee, and thus get to see and review all the conference proposals.

This blog post will briefly explain the how each part of the proposal is used, then have a list of what not to do in your conference proposal, and end with a checklist of questions to go over your proposal before submitting. Click here if you want to skip to the checklist.

The proposal has several parts.
Title: This is the title of your presentation. This shows

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Back from SAPO Codebits in Lisbon - a summary
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Last week, my colleagues Giuseppe, Kai and myself attended the SAPO Codebits event in Lisbon, Portugal. Codebits is an annual, invite-only hacking event, which went on for three days. The venue they chose this year was the "Cordoaria", a former rope factory located in the Belém district, close to the 25 de Abril Bridge (which is an impressive sight!). I have been told that the Cordoaria is the longest building in Portugal and I have no doubts about that! The building is so long that the crew used bicycles to get from one end to the other. I've taken a number of

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Gearman: distributed computing and Codebits pictures
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The first Codebits> day lasted until long past midnight. So the attendees were a bit sleepy today, but they were brave and got up early enough for my session.
The presentation covered the basics of Gearman, some advanced magic to install remote MySQL servers, and more magic to enable MySQL users to shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly by combining a gearman/MySQL UDF and some clever scripts.
As usual, the slides are available on slideshare.
Some pictures from codebits 2009 are on Flickr.

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OQGRAPH session on MySQL University – recording now available
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It was fun doing the MySQL University session on OQGRAPH yesterday. Now also available: slides (PDF) and audio/video recording (FLV download, if anyone can convert to a more open format, that’d be great).

My upcoming event schedule for this year
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This time of the year is usually a very busy one, as there are plenty of events and conferences to attend. Just take a look at our calendar of OSS events on the MySQL Forge to see what I mean! Here's a quick summary of the ones that I will attend and speak at until the end of this year:

On November 14-15, I'll attend the openSQL Camp in Portland (OR), USA. I missed the first one that took place in Charlottesville (VA) in 2008, but had a lot of fun organizing the European Edition earlier this year. The upcoming one will be more like an

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FOSDEM Call For Participation opened - submit your talks now!
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FOSDEM, the Free and Opensource Conference, will again take place in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday and Sunday (6th and 7th February, 2010). Now happening for the 10th time (congratulations!), it is one of the largest Open Source conferences in Europe, with a strong focus on developers. Sun/MySQL have been regular sponsors of and contributors to the event in the past and it is alway a great experience to be there. It's very rare to meet so many well-known and bright people from such a wide range of OSS projects.

They have now opened their Call for Participation - the organizers are seeking input on talks for the main conference tracks (deadline: 2009-11-22) ,

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Training Updates
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I wanted to provide an update on two things:

  • Firstly, we have opened registration for InnoDB/XtraDB training in Los Angeles (Nov 18th).
  • The second is that while I am in New York City for training (Oct 29th), I'll be giving a (free) talk at the MySQL Meetup group there (Oct 28th).

We love to speak at Meetup groups.  If you are an organizer feel free to let us know you are interested.  There's no guarantee that we can get schedules to align - but there are a number of Percona consultants that travel regularly.

Entry posted by Morgan Tocker |

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Upcoming events: PHP Unconference and openSUSE Conference
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The summer break seems to be over and the event season is heating up again! There is a number of conferences and events coming up in the next months — here is a quick summary of the events that I plan to attend.

This Friday I will attend an event here in Hamburg: the "Silpion Sommerfest", organized by Silpion (a local IT solutions provider which is a partner of Sun Microsystems as well). I will be there to network and talk about MySQL.

This coming weekend (2009-09-12/2009-09-13), there will be the PHP Unconference here in Hamburg, Germany . It will

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FrOSCon/OpenSQL Camp summary
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It's almost two weeks now since FrOSCon and the OpenSQL Camp subconference have taken place in Sankt Augustin, Germany — about time for a summary and update from my side!

First off, I would like to thank all of the participants and supporters, particularly my colleagues Regina Steyer and Iris Musiol for the perfect logistics and co-sponsoring as well as Uli Graef, Thorsten Frueauf, Matthias Schmidt, Alexander Rubin and Joerg Moellenkamp for manning the Sun booth and the help on site.

Another big Thank You goes

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Seeking talks for a MySQL Day at this year's International PHP Conference (Nov 15-18)
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IPC 2009, the International PHP Conference will take place on November 15th-18th in Karlsruhe, Germany. While the deadline for the call for papers for the main conference program has already passed, there is still an opportunity to submit MySQL-related content: the organizers plan to have a special MySQL Day, which will take place on Tuesday, 17th of November.

Quoting for the Call for Papers web page:

We are looking for speakers joining the Architecture Day or the MySQL Day. "Architecture", in terms of project organization, business organization, tools & approaches etc. is becoming a key qualification to developers and teams. And MySQL still is one of the most common

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MySQL Sandbox and Spider at FrOSCon and OpenSQLCamp
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FrOSCon and the OpenSQLCamp are about to start.
I am packing for Sankt Augustin, where I will attend the fourth edition of FrOSCon and the second OpenSQLCamp. I will have two sessions, Sharding for the masses, about the Spider storage engine and MySQL Sandbox 3, about one of my favorite tools.

The program is very rich. There will be several tracks in the main event and in the associated conferences. If you have any involvement or simply some

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OpenSQL Camp 2009: Session schedule published - pre-register now!
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I'm happy to announce that the schedule for OpenSQL Camp 2009 (European Edition) has been published on the FrOSCon timetable now. We have a great selection of topics and speakers, so don't miss it! OpenSQL Camp is a subconference of FrOSCon, the Free and Open Source Conference, which will take place on August 22nd and 23rd in St. Augustin, Germany.

The admission fee for the entire conference (both days, incl. OpenSQL Camp) is 5 EUR, you can pre-register here until August 10th (and if you do so today, you

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OpenSQLCamp democracy
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We have seen this before. Actually, we got the idea from Drupal, where talk proposals are public, and the most voted ones get in the schedule. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to see that a transparent voting system is accepted and used.

The OpenSQLCamp 2009 European edition, is under scrutiny. There are 27 session proposals, from which we will need to get 12 in the schedule.
The open voting is done via Twitter or the mailing list.
I have a good feeling about it. Since I am proposing a public talk, I

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OpenSQL Camp 2009: CfP has ended, vote for your favourites until July 26th!
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The Call for Papers for the OpenSQL Camp 2009 (European Edition) has ended yesterday — we received 27 excellent session proposals from various Open Source Database projects. I would like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who submitted a talk! In the beginning I was a bit concerned that the conference would become too MySQL-centric, but this fortunately changed in the last few days.

Sadly we now have more than double the amount of sessions than we can actually host, which means that we will have to review and vote on the sessions to distill the

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Sharding for the masses: the spider storage engine
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In my previous article about the Spider storage engine, I made some tests and I saw that the engine has potential. I did also identify some problems, which were promptly addressed by the author. I have looked at the latest version (0.12), and the results are very much encouraging.

Installing the Spider storage engine is not trivial but not extremely difficult either. My previous article has a

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MySQL University session recording: MySQL Code Contributions
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Last week I gave a MySQL University Presentation about how to contribute code to MySQL. This time DimDim did not fail to record the session, even though there is a funky overlap of audio from Stefan Hinz (the moderator) and myself at the beginning. I had a bit of a slow start into the presentation, because of a very nasty headache that plagued me that day. But we had a lively discussion at the end and I hope it was useful to the participants.

In case you have missed it, you can now watch the playback or download the session slides:

  • Presentation slides:

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Announcing Percona.tv
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Today marks the official launch of Percona.tv. We'll be uploading technical screencasts, conference video, and anything else cool we can think up. If you've got ideas or requests, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate!

Entry posted by Ryan Lowe | 7 comments

Add to: |

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The Call for Papers for the OpenSQLCamp 2009 is now open!
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The OpenSQL Camp 2009 web site is now ready for business, I've updated various pages and added some more information about the call for papers. I've also set up a Twitter account (no way without one nowadays, right?), which might also play an important role in the voting/rating of talks later on (Giuseppe came up with an interesting proposal for that).

So we're now seeking your input! Let me quote from the web pages directly:

OpenSQL Camp is a free conference of, by, and for the open-source database community of users and developers. The first

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MySQL University session about the new MySQL release model
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As you may have heard, we're switching to a new release model with the upcoming MySQL 5.4 release.

If you are curious to learn more about what will change in the way in which future versions MySQL will be developed and released, make sure to attend our next MySQL University session about The New MySQL Release Model on Thursday, 11th of June, 14:00 UTC. Tomas Ulin, our director of MySQL server development will go through the planned changes and would also like to get

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Speaking at FrOSCon and organizing the OpenSQLCamp 2009, European Edition
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Today I received a confirmation that I will be giving a talk about "Working for a virtual company" in the main conference track of the Free and Open Source Conference (FrOSCon) in St. Augustin, Germany (August 22nd+23rd). Yay! I've been giving talks at every FrOSCon since its inception in 2006, so I am happy that I will be able to continue this tradition. FrOSCon is really a gem among the various Linux and Open Source Conferences in Germany — it takes place at a nice venue, the weather is usually warm and sunny and the conference organization is just great. And they of course always have a good lineup of speakers and OSS projects! As for the last years we (Sun/MySQL) will support the event by

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MySQL University - Boosting performance with partitions
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Mark your calendars: A MySQL University session about Boosting performance with MySQL 5.1 will take place on Thursday, June 4th at 13:00 UTC ( 8am CDT (Central) / 9am EDT (Eastern) / 14:00 BST / 15:00 CET / 17:00 MDT (Moscow) / 18:30 IST (India))
The session will be conducted through DimDim, a system that allows you to follow the audio and visuals of a presentation from your browser, without any additional settings.

Attendance is free. Please follow the instructions given in the

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