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MySQL Workbench, Windows XP and SSH public key auth.
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It happens that sometimes you need to access a remote box which supports ssh key authentication. Recently I was trying to reproduce a bug related to SSH public key authentication, so here I would like to share some of my experience.

There will be no explanation of the public key authentication itself here, rather the actual setup and steps to have a public key auth for Windows(client) -> Linux(server) working. Why Windows you would ask? Because interactions for Linux->Linux and for Mac OS X -> Linux simply work using the Unix way, while for Windows you may need some extra actions to do.



What I had at endpoints:

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Upcoming developer/sysadmin days about MySQL and Solaris
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The folks at OTN have been very busy — among many others (both virtual and in RL), there are two upcoming developer/sysadmin days about MySQL and Solaris. Both will take place in California next month:

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MySQL Workbench Utilities
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One of the many new things that is being introduced this week are some great new external tools for managing MySQL servers. These are available in MySQL Workbench under the name MySQL Workbench Utilities.

It is a package of easy-to-use utilities for maintenance and administration of MySQL servers. These utilities encapsulate a set of primitive commands bundling them so that you can perform macro operations with a single command.

Some of the key features of MySQL Workbench Utilities are:

  • Plugin for MySQL Workbench 5.2.31
  • Available under the GPLv2 license

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MySQL Workbench Utilities
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Introducing MySQL Workbench Utilities
One of the many new things that is being introduced during the Collaborate 2011 and 2011 MySQL Users’ Conference are some great new additions to some of the external tools for managing MySQL servers. One of those tools receiving updates is the MySQL Workbench.

One of the jewels in a long list of new features is the addition of new command-line utilities to help you administer your servers. The new feature is called MySQL Workbench Utilities. It is a package of easy-to-use utilities for maintenance and administration of MySQL servers. These utilities incapsulate a set of primitive commands …

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Workbench and MySQL server at non-standard location in Linux.
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Recently I had to test MySQL Workbench against fresh version of the server. Naturally, the default mysql-server was already installed from repository of my Linux distro. So I installed the latest server version into my /opt/server directory. And then I had several points to resolve, for example, how to start detached server process from Workbench Adminstrator; how to detect if the server is running or not, given that there are many of them running; how to stop the server.

Now I will show several workarounds to perform tasks listed in the previous paragraph. Below are the commands I put into Server Instance Editor, there are corresponding text entries labeled: ‘Start MySQL’, ‘Stop …

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Speaking at the O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo: "A look into a MySQL DBA's toolchest"
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I'm happy to announce that my talk "Making MySQL administration a breeze - a look into a MySQL DBA's toolchest" has been accepted for this year's edition of the MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, which will take place on April 12-15, 2010. The session is currently scheduled for Wednesday 14th, 10:50 in Ballroom E.

My plan is to provide an overview over the most popular …

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Purging binary logs.
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Being a MySQL DBA , one faces a common issue in replication environment -> Disk space issue on master, since the number of binary logs have increased.Now, one of the solution to this would be using expire_logs_days parameter in your mysql config file. But what if, the slave is lagging by few hours or if the slave is broken since few days and the binary logs are removed due to the parameter set. Whenever the salve comes up, it will go bonkers, knowing that the binary log where it last stopped no more exists.
I faced this issue a couple of times until I decided to automate it using a script. Herewith I am attaching the URL to my …

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Use MySQL? You need Maatkit
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Maatkit is a pretty useful set of utilities for MySQL. From their site:

You can use Maatkit to prove replication is working correctly, fix corrupted data, automate repetitive tasks, speed up your servers, and much, much more.

One of the first things you can do after installing the toolkit (which may already be installed if you are running CentOS or Debian) is to run the mk-audit utility. It will give you a nice summary of your server, as well as point out potential problems in your configuration.

Here's a list of all the utilities included in Maatkit:

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MySQL related bookmark collection
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I am publishing my MySQL related bookmark collection

Feel free to send me links you think might be good to add in order to help others.

Remember, SHARING IS CARING!!! …. we get so much for free, why shouldn’t we give some back?


Securich – 0.1.4
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Just a small note to advise that Securich reached 0.1.4.
Some new tools include:
* Added Password complexity
* Enhanced `set_password` – Old password is now necessary to replace it by a new one
* Enhanced Revoke privileges to accept regexp
* Added Block user@hostname on a database level
* Added Creation of reserved usernames
* Added Help stored procedure displays help for each stored proc
* Enhanced `create_update_role` to include the removal of privilages from roles
* Enhanced `grant_priveleges` on `alltables` for a database without tables would terminate …

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