Spreading the word about the Performance Schema

In case you missed it, more and more people are now spreading the word about the Performance Schema, which is a very good thing.

#DBHangOps 4/10/13

Mark Leith presents the Performance Schema and ps_helpers.

Random quotes from the recording:
"I am already seeing so many benefits out of this, ..."
"This looks fantastic"
"Very cool"

OurSQL Episode 139: Starting to Perform

Sheeri and Gerry present the Performance Schema.

Ramdom quote from the recording:
"I am looking at this feature [digests], and I think it's amazing"

Webinar: MySQL 5.6 Performance Schema

PeterZ presents the Performance Schema, and ps_helpers, followed by a Q & A session with myself as a special quest.

Watch for updates with the recording, I don't want to add quotes just from memory (there are good ones too).

Marc Alff,
Performance Schema Architect,