Upcoming MySQL Conferences

I may not work on many MySQL related things any more but there are some MySQL ecosystem events that I am participating in.

First there is Percona Live London.  This event is on the 3rd and 4th of December at The Millennium Gloucester Conference Centre.  At this event I will be giving a talk on MySQL Compatible Open Source Connectors.  This will cover alternatives to the standard connectors and how to use them, it will be useful if you find the licensing behind the standard connectors prohibiting.  There is also a 40% off discount code you can use when registering, simply enter the promo code "Come2mytalk".

On the 2nd and 3rd of February is FOSDEM.  At this event there is a "MySQL and Friends" dev room on the Sunday.  I am on the committee overseeing the talks submitted to this room and am looking forward to some great talk submissions.  One of the great things about FOSDEM is it is completely free and no registration is required.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone related to the MySQL ecosystem at these events!