Election 2012: Twitter Breaks Records with MySQL

Twitter VP of Infrastructure Operations Engineering Mazen Rawashdeh shared news and numbers yesterday on his blog:

"Last night, the world tuned in to Twitter to share the election results as U.S. voters chose a president and settled many other campaigns. Throughout the day, people sent more than 31 million election-related Tweets (which contained certain key terms and relevant hashtags). And as results rolled in, we tracked the surge in election-related Tweets at 327,452 Tweets per minute (TPM). These numbers reflect the largest election-related Twitter conversation during our 6 years of existence, though they don’t capture the total volume of all Tweets yesterday."

"Last night, Twitter averaged about 9,965 TPS from 8:11pm to 9:11pm PT, with a one-second peak of 15,107 TPS at 8:20pm PT and a one-minute peak of 874,560 TPM. Seeing a sustained peak over the course of an entire event is a change from the way people have previously turned to Twitter during live events. Now, rather than brief spikes, we are seeing sustained peaks for hours."

Congrats to Jeremy Cole, Davi Arnaut and the rest of the team at Twitter for their excellent work!

Jeremy recently held a keynote presentation at MySQL Connect describing how MySQL powers Twitter, and why they chose and continue to rely on MySQL for their operations. You can watch the presentation here. He also went into more details during another presentation later that day and you can access the slides here.

Below a couple of tweets from Jeremy after what have surely been hectic days...

 Keep up the good work guys!