Ready for the User Conference?

I cannot recall any significant moment of the conferences in 2002 and 2003 (simply because I was not there) but…
In 2005 we had MySQL 5. Peter Zaitsev was still working in the benchmark team for MySQL AB. His presentation on InnoDB performance and tuning was enlighting for many.
In 2006 we discovered the Pluggable Storage Engine API. Jim Starkey joined MySQL AB and we announced Falcon. [A brighter note,] I have been so lucky to meet Paul McCullagh the day before the Conference. Paul is one of the nicest and most brilliant persons I have ever met.
2007 was all around 5.1. We announced the roadmap for 6.0 and our online cross engine backup.
In 2008 we were Sun and for the first time Marten Mickos left his place on stage of the UC to Jonathan Schwartz.
In 2009 we had the Oracle announcement and the Percona Conference. You may describe the conference in many way, it certainly wasn't boring!
And now, 2010. Another User Conference with tremendous content. It's an incredible occasion to learn from the key players at MySQL and in the MySQL ecosystem. 
I will present at the User Conference. For once, I am back to my roots, i.e. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. DW projects filled my working life from 1994 until 2005.
Do not expect any elegant fragment of C code that may improve the performance of your DB 100x (or it may crash all your servers). You'll see just real life ideas and solutions on how to use MySQL in Data Warehousing and in a typical (is there one really?) Business Intelligence environment. And perhaps you have already implemented something similar, or something that suits you better, but hey, sharing is the main point here.
This presentation at the UC is just the beginning of a series. More to come, since this is a hot topic and users are asking more and more from MySQL in this sector. They want to use MySQL in BI in many, many ways. Some are simply looking for a reporting platform - you replicate your data and there you, you execute some reports. Others have more specific needs and they must transform their data into information, in a typical BI style. Some others are Enterprises with large data warehouses and they see MySQL as the perfect data mart engine. These topics and more in my presentation at the UC.
If you are part of the local London MySQL group and you can't travel to CA, don't worry, we will a series of meetups and they are likely to be recorded and presented in other cities as well.
In any case, I hope to see you at the UC. Check the message board for some Euro spots!