Tune MySQL for Top-Level Performance

In 4 days, the MySQL Performance Tuning training teaches you practical, safe and highly efficient ways to optimize performance for the MySQL Server. It will help you:

  • Evaluate the architecture
  • Understand and use the tools.
  • Configure the database for performance.
  • Tune application and SQL code.
  • Tune the server.
  • Examine the storage engines.
  • Assess the application architecture.
  • Understand general tuning concepts.

You can take this instructor-led course as a:

  • Training-on-Demand offering: Start training within 24 hours of regsitration, taking this course at your own pace through streaming video of instructor delivery and booking time to perform lab exercises at your own convenience.
  • Live-Virtual event: Take this course live from your own desk, choosing from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones.
  • In-Class event: Travel to an education center to take this course. Below is a selection of events already on the schedule.



 Delivery Language

 Brussels,  Belgium

 26 August 2013


 London, England

 1 October 2013


 Bordeaux, France

 27 August 2013


 Nice, France

 9 September 2013


 Strasbourg, France

 23 October 2013


 Milan, Italy

 16 September 2013


 Rome, Italy

 2 December 2013


 Budapest, Hungary

 15 October 2013


 Riga, Latvia

 11 November 2013


 Utrecht, Netherlands

 26 August 2013


Warsaw, Poland 

8 October 2013 


 Lisbon, Portugal

 23 September 2013

 European Portugese

 Porto, Portugal

 23 September 2013

 European Portugese

 Barcelona, Spain

 7 October 2013


 Madrid, Spain

25 November 2013


Jakarta, Indonesia 

 19 August 2013


 Tokyo, Japan

 19 September 2013


 Pasig City, Philippines

 5 August 2013


 Sao Paolo, Brazil

15 October 2013 

 Brazilian Portugese

To register for this course or to learn more about the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to http://oracle.com/education/mysql.

To learn more about MySQL performance, attend the 1-day seminar: Troubleshooting MySQL Performance with Sveta Smirnova on October 1st, 2013. For more information go to http://oracle.com/education.