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Syntax for Creating a Windows Service for MySQL (when there are 2 paths which both contain spaces)

Numerous times now, I’ve seen people have troubles creating MySQL services on Windows manually (using ‘sc’), whether it be for mysqld itself, MySQL Proxy, or the MySQL Enterprise Monitor and/or Agent.

The proper syntax for ‘sc’ can get tricky when you have spaces in pathnames, which is very common in Windows, and the need for –defaults-file (which means two paths each potentially containing spaces).

So, if you have spaces in both your binpath and your path to –defaults-file, then the following syntax will work for you (all on a single line):

sc create MySQLEnterpriseMonitorAgent 
binpath= ""C:Program FilesMySQLEnterpriseAgentbinmysql-monitor-agent.exe" 
--defaults-file="C:Program FilesMySQLEnterpriseAgentetcmysql-monitor-agent.ini"" 
DisplayName= "MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent" start= "auto"

Note that you could easily use the exact same syntax to install a Windows service for the MySQL server itself …

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