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MySQL stored procedure debugging, can I sue for going insane?

Lets paint the picture:

Scenario part 1 : Migrating a couple thousand stored procedures from database technology X to mysql
Scenario part 2 : Legacy system where the people who wrote it left a long time ago
Scenario part 3 : Developers sure can get real creative and invent all kinds of ways to get data (eg: having a stored proc which formulates a big query using concat after going through a bunch of conditions (fair enough), BUT the parts making up the different queries are stored in a table on a database rather than within the stored proc itself) … talk about KIS – Keep it simple!!
Scenario part 4 : This stored proc references 18 tables, 4 views, and another two stored procedures on 5 databases

Now close your eyes and try to imagine that for a few seconds, nah kidding don’t want you to hurt yourself.

I wonder, who’s gonna cover my health insurance if i go crazy? :)

mysql 02:55:47 DEV …

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