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Open Source Databases | OSI Days 2010, Sep 19-21, Chennai India - Call for Papers

This time OSI Days is doing special theme around Open Source Databases. Please see their call for paper below. It will be interesting to see how many MySQL papers are being presented there. I am submitting a couple of them. Please spread the word so that we can see an increased MySQL participation there. I think they are sponsoring quite a bit of speaker travel and accommodation.


Open Source Databases | OSI Days 2010 is the premier FOSS Databases conference being organised at Asia's largest Open Source Conference - OSI Days 2010. We invite you to come and lead a tutorial / session or participate in Panel Discussions at OSI Days 2010 on a specific Open Source Database. The last date for submitting a proposal is 25th June 2010.

The conference is scheduled for …

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