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change accelerator cache ratio

I was given the task of checking the array accelerator cache ratio and see if it was set to optimal levels. Our ideal preference was a read/write ratio of 0/100.

The machine configuration is HP DL180 G5, 2 x Xeon L5420 2.50GHz, 15.7GB / 16GB 667MHz DDR2, 6 x 300GB-15K SAS.This machine was running mysql 5.1.36 using the innodb plugin.

The command line utility to check the controller configuration is “hpacucli”. Navigating using hpacucli is very straight forward.

“ctrl all show config detail” Will give you the entire controller configuration.

=> ctrl all show config detail

Smart Array P400 in Slot 5
Bus Interface: PCI
Slot: 5
Serial Number: P61630K9SW31NL
Cache Serial Number: PA82C0J9SW02H1
RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled
Controller Status: OK
Chassis Slot:
Hardware Revision: Rev D
Firmware Version: 4.12
Rebuild …

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