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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS released, MariaDB 5.1.44/5.2-BETA VM’s available

A big congratulations to Ubuntu for the release of 10.04 LTS. While I haven’t had the chance to upgrade, I see everyone on Twitter and in the blogosphere say they are really like the Lucid experience.

A couple of days ago, I made mention that there were VirtualBox images of MariaDB out there. Turns out there were so many downloads, Mark has had to upgrade his Internet connection!

Anyway, to the point: Mark has created Ubuntu 10.04 LTS VM’s with MariaDB 5.1.44 and MariaDB 5.2 BETA. Don’t hesitate to download them, and send feedback.

Have a good weekend …

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MariaDB 5.1.44 released

Dear MariaDB users,

MariaDB 5.1.44, a new branch of the MySQL database which includes all major open source storage engines, myriad bug fixes, and many community patches, has been released.

This release is based on MySQL 5.1.44. In includes performance improvements with Maria temporary tables, removal of mutexes and the aim of removing compiler errors is being achieved quite well! For an overview of what’s new in MariaDB 5.1.44, please check out the release notes.

For information on installing MariaDB 5.1.44 on new servers or upgrading to MariaDB 5.1.44 from previous releases, please see the installation guide.

MariaDB is available in source and binary form for a variety of platforms and is available from the …

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