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Transferring VFP Table Structures to MYSQL

So now that we have established some decent contact between VFP and MYSQL it is time to transfer as much as possible from the VFP Database into the MYSQL Schema. Being a long time believer that making a plan can keep you out of trouble I laid out the following steps for that task

  • Transfer Table Structures
  • Set up Indexes
  • Set up foreign keys

So lets look at each step more closely

Transfer Table Structures

Granted we could sit down and take a printout of all the structures and then use Workbench or something like it and start setting up the tables. But being faced with having to do that with close to 100 tables some of which having 40 or so fields this appeared like a daunting task. So I took a look to see how much could be optimized. Tables In MYSQL are created by using the CREATE TABLE ….. syntax which is pretty straight forward. Granted there are some VFP …

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