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Connecting your Linux to a Cisco AnyConnect (SSL) – part 3

Hi there !


This is the final part of using openconnect  - You can check the older ones below:


As mentioned previously, we will be covering here:

  • How to create a script to monitor such VPN using ICMP, and restart that VPN if it is down


I would say, this is very straight forward and does not require much knowledge, so we are going to follow the same procedure as part 2 – Show the script in parts and then a …

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Connecting your Linux to a Cisco AnyConnect (SSL) – Part 2

Hey you!

As said in the part 1 of this article, I will be covering here:

  • How to create a openconnect init script

So, concerning the init script I will be posting parts of the script first, and then will put a link for download at the end.

First of all, we need the shebang (#!/bin/bash) and then global variables that will be used along the script:

# Path variables

# VPN Variables
INFO="Usage: $(basename "$0") (start|stop|status|restart)"

You can also define most of these options in a …

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MyDumpSplitter-Extract split database or tables from mysqldump | MySQL dump splitter

The Mysqldumpsplitter can extract database, table, all databases, all tables or tables matching on regular expression from a mysqldump. It can produce the compressed output of sqls in specified directories. The tool has undergone a complete rewrite, and there are many more functionalities added. Please follow GitHub Repository for future changes or further improvements. Download […]

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