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kajtajm: Planning my first Python / PyObjC / MySQLdb project

Never have I planned a program so much in detail before starting coding. And stranger still, I’m planning the program to be coded in a language in which I haven’t written a single line of code. Nonetheless, I’m eager and it feels good.

I woke up early this Sunday, my mind concentrating on the many steps I will have to take before the first project will see the light of day. I had planned eight prerequisite lessons before even starting the coding. And despite receiving many good pieces of advice, nobody had relieved me of my main worry — the input grid for the data entry in matrix format.

To speed up things, I thought of writing some auto-generated INSERT statements from the current Google Spreadsheet that I’ve been using. I would then at least have the basic data from the first two weeks of the year to play around with in my MySQL database.

And then it struck me: I don’t need a grid at …

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