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Managing MySQL Grants

MySQL has an unusual grants system that allows a user to be specified by host, ip or network address. That is you identify a user as ’some_user’@'’, ’some_user’@'′ or ’some_user’@'10.3.%’.

That is quite a nice facility but using it is rather tricky. This potentially provides a lot more security as it allows you to specify that different types of database users can only perform certain actions from different types of hosts. So even if you know the user and password you may have trouble getting into a mysqld server. That’s good.

However, this flexibility comes at a price. There are no tools to help you manage this and I have often seen people resorting to using the simplest type of grant, for some_user@’%', or some_user@’10.%’.

I recently wrote a smalltemplate script which would allow me to …

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