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Why SAP is interested in scripting languages: an interview with André Labahn

At the SDN Day on TechEd 06 Amsterdam I had the pleasure to make a short video with André Labahn from SAP. He's a member of the SDN/SAP team that tries to leverage the usage of scripting languages (PHP, Ruby) together with SAP software, mainly R/3 and other components. As you might know, SAP has some stakeholding into OpenSource, some time ago with their release of SAPDB as "MaxDB" which is now maintained by MySQL. Here's what André has to say about PHP & SAP:

The video is also available on

Interview mit Thomas Bachem, Chief Architect

[English readers: this is the start of a new series called "/dev/video" (current project name, may change without further notice) which targets PHP and other web application developers and covers interviews with public projects and tech talk between Mayflower employees and other people. The series will be both in English and German, this first video is in German with Thomas Bachem, Chief Architect at, one of Germany's hottest Web2.0 startups.]

Ich hatte am Montag die Gelegenheit, den Brückentag dazu zu nutzen, den neuen Camcorder (Sony DCR DVD-205) auszuprobieren und den Auftakt zu einer neuen Serie zu starten - wer das PHP Magazin gelesen hat, wird den Artikel zu gesehen …

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