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Career as a Python Programmer Freelancing Jobs in Upwork Linkedin

In this episode, we are going to discuss about some statistics and data about freelancing and jobs based on Python programmer and python developer worldwide. Python is one of the most popular programming language in the market. We will first discuss about Python related jobs in then we will discuss about the jobs in

Summary of my discussion:

To start career in Python based work one need to know additional technology besides Python programming language like:

  1. How to Web Scrap
  2. Bash Shell scripting
  3. Elastic Search
  4. Hadoop
  5. Django [ For Web Application ]
  6. JavaScript [ For Web Applicatin]
  7. Data Structure
  8. Git
  9. MySQL or PostgreSQL
  10. Redis [ Server Side Cache ]
  11. Kafka

Recommended Beginner Python Books:

Python Crash Course :

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Thanks for attending MySQL Community Reception

Cryogenic Dolphin

Thanks to all who came to the MySQL Community Reception last night. Food, drink, and lots of great folks talking about MySQL.

We even had a Raspberry PI based MySQL Cluster on display

Raspberry PI MySQL Cluster

and one of the Pi was given away as a door prize (Congrats Jens).

What happened in Santa Clara does not stay in Santa Clara

But the hit if the evening was the Cryogenic Dolphin or a Sakila made of ice.

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