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Improvement of MySQL partitioning included in MySQL's next milestone release tree

It was quite some time since I last blogged. It's not due to
inactivity. For those of you that have followed my blog might
have seen earlier blog posts about a new partitioning feature.

This new partitioning I first blogged about in July 2006 and
that blog is still the 3rd most popular blog of my blogs, even
when looking at the last months views. The work on this started
out in 2005 and so it's nice to now get it in a state where it's
quality is ready for more heavy testing. For those interested
in partitioning I think this feature will enlarge the number of
cases where partitioning is applicable. It's now possible to
partitioning on many more field types and also on multiple fields
in an efficient manner.

This feature described by WL#3352 has now been pushed …

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