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Giving back to the Community -- ChickTech Austin

I am doing something this weekend that is way out of my comfort zone and I want to encourage you to do something similar.  On Saturday I will be teaching a pop up workshop for Chick Tech Austin titled An Introduction to Databases with MySQL.  

Why is this out of my comfort zone?  I regularly speak to computer professional on databases and programming and have done so for years.  But this Saturday the class is made up of young women between the ages of fourteen and eighteen.For us oldsters, the class is made up of people half the age of MySQL, Python, and Java.  Their parents are probably younger than Structured Query Language! But these young folks are going to be inheriting our code bases based on technologies used today and integrated with future innovations. 

Another point of reference is that the …

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Very cool class in San Francisco

It's an incredible privilege to be able to teach other people. I've always found that knowledge is like love. No matter how much you give you always get more back.

I'm teaching a class this week in San Francisco to a very cool group. Students are from all over the world: China, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and the U.S. It is great to have people from all over the world and we all

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