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how to setup gitorious on ubuntu server 11.10

In this tutorial I will describe how to setup gitorious on Ubuntu 11.10. Gitorious – a Ruby on Rails web application – can be used to conclude git projects in an easy to manage user interface. In the README of the gitorious repository I found the evidence “One of the main challenges in Gitorious is its installation process. It is anything but trivial.” – It appears correct During the installation I got some errors by the sphinx search engine and some ruby gems. You will find the workarounds in this tutorial.


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Speaking at Linux Conference in Wellington, New Zealand

I’ll be speaking at the data retrieval miniconf at Linux Conference in Wellington, New Zealand (Full Text Search with MySQL, Program)
I’ll cover some new sphinx search features (online updates)

Reporting Queries with Sphinx

Reporting queries (I will use this term here) are the queries which summaries and groups data over the certain period of time. For example, in Social Network site we want to know how many messages have been sent for the given period of time, group by region and status (sent, received, etc), order by number of messages sent.

As an example I will take a table which is used to send SMS (text messages).

SQL: select concat('+', substring(region_code,1 ,2), 'xxx') as reg, status, count(*) as cnt
from messages
where submition_date between '2009-01-01' and '2009-04-01' group by reg, status
having cnt>100 order by cnt desc, status limit 100;

This query will do a range scan over the submition_date and perform a filesort. There are common well known approaches which can be used to optimize table (“covered index”, “summary tables”, using external data warehouse, etc). …

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