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memcached talk tonight, ManadLUG

I have a talk scheduled tonight, for anyone who's in the Southern New Hampshire area (or greater Northern New England area):

I'll be going over a number of things, time permitting:

* memcached (in general)
* NorthScale's memcached Amazon Machine Images and Virtual Appliance
* moxi - memcached proxy
* memcached Functions for MySQL

I'll run a couple demonstrations with each, first simple memcached usage, then using two memcached instances through moxi, then I'll throw in using them with the UDFs.

I intend to see if the Boston MySQL Users Group would be interested in this talk soon as well.

Memcached Functions for MySQL and Moxi: a great combination

Working at Northscale has been a lot of great fun lately! I have finally figured out how to get puppet to set up a stock Amazon instance with everything we need and have been impressed with how you can automate system setup with puppet. I remember when I worked at Grazr how much of a hassle it was for us to have to rebuild systems. Something like Puppet would have been a godsend.

Today I though I would post about how cool moxi is. If you don't know, moxi is a memcached proxy ( which allows you to move any complexity of having to set up the list of memcached servers you are using. Also, moxi has some great features such as:

* De-duplication of requests for popular keys
* A front cache, L1 cache to avoid network hops
* Fire and forget SET (Like an async SET) this means "set a value, but don't wait to know if it …

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