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Lost Power Supply, Short trips are the worst...

I am in Portland this week for OSCON. I've got a couple of talks to
do this week (and a MySQL 5.1 Tutorial to do today).

I am a bit cavalier about short trips, I don't double check my
packing as much as I should. Therefor I neglected to pack my Treo's
charger. Last night I was thinking that I would need to get up this
morning and go buy a charger and then I remembered an article I read
on about hotels having boxes of power supplies just
sitting around collecting dust.

Its true!

This morning I went down to the front desk of the Double Tree and
asked if they had a box of chargers. Down to the basement they sent
me where I found not one box, but a few boxes of power supplies.

My Treo is now happily charging :)

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