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Surprises in store with ndb_restore

While doing some routine fiddling regarding some topic I've now forgotten, I discovered that ndb_restore was doing something quite surprising. It's been common wisdom for some time that one can use ndb_restore -m to restore metadata into a new cluster and automatically have your data re-partitioned across the data nodes in the destination cluster. In fact, this was the recommended procedure for adding nodes to a cluster before online add node came along. Since MySQL Cluster 7.0, though, ndb_restore hasn't behaved that way, though that change in behavior doesn't seem to be documented and most don't know that the change ever took place.

I'll go through some of the methods you can use to find information about the partitioning strategy for an NDB table, talk a bit about why ndb_restore stopped working the way most everyone expected (and still expect) it to, and discuss some possible …

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ndb_restore - best practice

A really simple best practice:

Make sure there are NO mysql servers connected to the Cluster while you do the restore!
It can cause the restore to fail badly and potentially even your cluster.

Also, make sure (if you use disk data) to remove all data files in the datadirs of the data nodes as they are not removed when doing an --initial ... I have written a bug report about that...

(i will update the severalnines/config scipts to include this best practice!)

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