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Maatkit Now Supports Memcached

Have you ever wondered how optimized your Memcached installation is? There is a common misconception that one doesn't have to think too deeply about Memcached performance, but that is not true. If your setup is inefficient, you could:

  • Burn Memory
  • Waste Network Round-Trips
  • Store Keys That Never Get Retrieved
  • Have a Low Cache Hit Ratio (i.e. query MySQL too much)
  • Suffer a fate too horrible to contemplate.

Percona does a lot of consulting around Memcached, so we try to take a quantitative, scientific approach to measuring memcached performance, just like everything else we do.

memcached is basically a key-value in-memory database, so it works well to analyze its traffic with Maatkit's mk-query-digest tool. You can now use …

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