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Fresh Japanese translations online!

Look here:

MySQL 5.6 リファレンスマニュアル (含むMySQL Cluster 7.3-7.4マニュアル)
MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.18 マニュアル
MySQL Enterprise Backup ユーザーズガイド (バージョン 3.11.1)

If you cannot read this, it's because your Japanese isn't any better than mine. :-)

Jokes aside, as of June 4, 2015, some of the MySQL documentation is available in Japanese now. The biggest book that was translated is the MySQL 5.6 Manual, thousands of pages. The other books, …

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High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition gets revised and translated

Just thought I’d update you. We got quite a few good errata from readers, and I took a couple weekends and went through the book with a fine-toothed comb, catching typos and subtle errors that crept in at some point (TPC benchmarks were labeled as TCP benchmarks — did you catch that one?). I marked up my book and mailed it to O’Reilly, who went well above and beyond what they normally do for errata. Normally, once a book is in print they will fix only serious technical errors. They fixed everything, even going as far as rearranging page breaks and moving figures to improve readability.

The second printing is on Monday August 4th. Already! I think the book has been selling a lot better than anticipated. I know I am psyched to see it remain in the top couple thousand on Amazon. And they thought it was a big deal when it broke five thousand!

In other news, it’s going to be translated into Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese. So now …

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Foreign languages and documentation

At the developers conference this year, held in Sorrento, Italy, I was fortunate enough to meet and have dinner with some Italian MySQL users?some of whom had travelled from Rome to be with us that evening at a lovely traditional Italian restaurant just off one of the main squares.

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