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Upcoming Webinar: Guide to Scaling OpenLDAP: MySQL Cluster as Data Store for OpenLDAP Directories

Howard Chu with Johan Andersson at MySQL User Conference 2009

From MySQL Cluster 7.0, it’s possible to use Cluster as the Data Store for the OpenLDAP Directory Server – this has 2 very signifficant implications:

  1. All of the advantages of MySQL Cluster (scalability, high availability and cost) can now be applied to your directory server deployment
  2. The same data held in a MySQL Cluster database can now be accessed simultaneously using LDAP in addition to SQL, the native C++ interface and all of the connectors available for MySQL

Howard Chu (Chief Architect of the OpenLDAP project and CTO of Symas) will be presenting a Webinar on Wednesday together with Mat Keep from MySQL. I’ll be helping with the Q&A.

Webinar details…

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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