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Change in MySQL logo

This is only a piece of trivia, however has anybody noticed that the MySQL logo has changed. Using the Legal Trademark page we can see the old logo and the new logo together.

Old New
Rediscovering the roots.

Do you ever stop and think? It happens to me all the time, random subjects kick in and I end up searching (aka googling) and today I wondered … Why is MySQLs logo a dolphin? Shame on me it took me so long to ask the question but as the saying goes, better late than never.

As per MySQLs own article:
“We’ve been discussing a new logo for at least a year”, says main developer and MySQL AB founder Michael “Monty” Widenius. “I am personally concerned about the survival of endangered species, and I liked the idea of the dolphin as soon as it came up. It combines great symbol value with a powerful, modern design.”

After a while the name was chosen out of 6357 suggestions by the community and that is how Sakila the dolphin came to be :) …. and we lived happily ever after (or at least hope to!)

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