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PHP mysql connect and using APC to recover

So, when you connect on the fly to a database your subject to a variety of issues, like when the db is not available and when the db does not have a route.

One of the main reasons why a dev may want to connect on the fly is because they have too many front ends to hold a persistent connection on the backends. Since mySQL does not use libevent, holding open threads to mySQL is much more costly. Threads == Memory.

But, that's here nor there. The main purpose of this post is to talk about how to recover from failed connections that block apache threads.

Common Failures:
No route to Host
Flapping NIC
Locked Tables
Recovering from a Crash
more of the same.

My Environment:
I have a bunch of webservers (200+) that all have 300 possible threads (60000 possible connections to a single DB) behind a load balancer that uses the LB least connections …

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